Youtubers: Let's see those E&P Vids

@Dudeious.Maximus Thanks! On the last one i posted i think you mean paint it black from season 1 of westworld. Or heart upon my sleeve by avicii

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Cool thanks. Love that madien fear of the dark. Always like good music on war and raid hits, @Wormwood on his early videos has cool music to it stuff I listen too :sunglasses: :+1:
Also well played on the raid


Thanks! Yeah i have a bunch of music from this amazing russian piano player gamazda. All the piano stuff is from her

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Bit late but last Mid-Week war vs. Wolves of the North… Back-to-back wars with the “north” family alliances :rofl:… so Tagging @Julia and @GOON18 again :stuck_out_tongue:

More: 🎭 Guvs YouTube Videos / Channel


Uff, you got some bad boards…

Some recorded crap, My phone doesn´t perform well playing and recordin so I don´t know if I will keep doing clips.


Weekend War Hits!!

Last war with 7DH for a little bit as my Temping Time there is complete for this go round.

Nice to finish with a big V AND doing half-decently too :rofl:

More: 🎭 Guvs YouTube Videos / Channel


Have a look at them now... SMH.

I just DO NOT have the genetic make up to resist…

WAR with RaZoR & his “DREAM” TEAM (His 3 ALT Accounts)

Ha ha ha. One is a TRUE ALT, DreamScalper!

The other 2 were container holders until I was stuck in for a couple weeks and I worked the other 2 up as F2P for about a week and then got them some 3/4 * heroes. DANG IT!!! The GAMBLE has got me in this game… damn it.

We won our 1st 2 wars together (My account was ‘relaxing’ with them). Now its just those 3 and really DreamWeapon (previously GRIMM) has no bench nor does DreamKiller! They have some good heroes just 1/1’s in a Mono are not very dependable in flags 2-6.

So DreamScalper needs to show up in a big way being I’m not in the war with them.


I’m at BATMAN [11H] rEdRuM for likely a war or more longer. This stream was a last minute decision and DANG guys once again tech issues/oversight: Flags 2 & 3 I provided commentary during and the MIC was off and the music was down so low you couldn’t hear it (so you got the SILENT treatment for that duration).

– [ NOTE to Revisit ]--------------------------------------------------- At 52:30 in the stream (flag 4): Gregorian and Kingston both hit Seshat who has a -34 Defense against her in effect. It appeared ZERO damage was done. Off the top of my head I don’t know what was in effect that she was able to resist damage. If you do please let me know. ------------------------------------------------------------
Forum PlayerZ let me know…

My commentary prior to flag 5 was hard to hear with the music & once again I wasn’t talking directly into the MIC (smh). I wish I had more time to commit to this process for the sake of clarity. I got really close guys to getting the live streaming down for a quality presentation overall. I learned a in the process (so I’m grateful for that). I certainly have the knowledge to get someone up and running if you need the help in the future. Personally in the future I will not make it a point to Live Steam War Hits. I have no idea if this is helping/benefiting other players at all. Well especially if you can not hear me or clearly hear me. lol GO BATS! - RaZ

"°REVENANT° vs Cohesion’s Ritual - war hits

I got lucky with many of the cascades, things worked out mostly as planned this time around. I haven’t done one of these in a long time so I figure why not since it went so well.

Special thanks to Cohesion for an awesome war chat and a ton of great vids shared. Until next time…"


Hey guys,

Here is a little parody video made for my french youtubers friends.
No need to understand french to appreciate it.
It is about an unlikely Marvel and small giant collaboration.
Hope you’ll like it. Action at 0.40 for non french readers !!!

Thx :wink:


Went 6 for 6 against The Avengers today :slight_smile: :muscle:


Check out my 6 one-shots against End of the Line :slight_smile:


"So a friend of ours is visiting and that put us at 30 members for this war. OKS rolled out the welcome wagon once again, lol. Tough war as usual. We weren’t expecting to meet them so soon but it’s all good, congratulations on their win. We hope to meet them again once we’re a bit more settled in.

This was an improvised recording, which to be honest, are my favorite kind. I don’t plan these things too far in advance. Anyway, I discuss in some detail my current war teams, how I pick targets and do my usual walk through on my general war strategy. Also, I just realized that I never released my Skadi in depth hero review, so that’s something I plan to do as soon as I can, keep an eye out…

Thanks for stopping by, please comment with any feedback and suggestions on the channel content, I plan on doing these more often and on various topics…

Until then, happy raiding…

- wormwood"

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Hello, it’s me again. :smile: This time with 6 one-shots against SPRITZ. :slight_smile:

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Been a little while since last posting here;

6/6 war hits! Admittedly the war matchmaking was a little skewed but I tried taking on only the bigger enemies to make up for it.

More: 🎭 Guvs YouTube Videos / Channel

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Review Bai Yenog Brazil

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5/5 and a cleanup

Raid snip during live stream and before phone needed a break. Work in progress minion setup for those interested in minion synergy utilizing an all colored team setup

Not how I wanted to introduce Noor just yet but it’s coming :slight_smile:

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