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War Hits vs. Fantastic Alliance

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Thanks Rigs. I actually went back and read some of the comments made that I wasn’t aware of! Rigs yeah buddy, most overlook Boots special in full – I suspect simply because they do not have (lucky pull for me) or that simply ■■■■■ is rare with limited TOA. Boots has AOE HOT @548/4 (so I did have a healer) w/solid Attack up & my fav skill - summoners summoning! Thus, my Joy that was probably apparent about adding Santa to that attack team vs the slew of slow enemies. Even though @Roxy_TM scoffed at that addition LOL. It all worked as imagined. Ha hah. No doubts existed on my end, boots would fire up elf minions early and throughout for Santa along with his own 3 blind mice with top attack stats of 30%/ea.

Know better than to mix BK w/Mitz - I should by now (I still make the mistake at times due to prior habit). That dulling of her special it almost makes her reflect worthless which you agreed on experiencing as well. In the chat stream you mentioned there being a conflict with Mits and Marjana (more minor that the BK one) – I wasn’t aware. You even said you had run dual Marjanas with it happening LMAO. Could you expand on the conflict as I’m not able to think of what it is at the moment or send via LINE PM. Thanks bud! As I had Marjana & Mitz on that one :slight_smile:

Thanks @Math4lyfe.

@Wormwood - Worm- 100% agree Rox needs her own Mic – lol. It does take some adjustment to use. I’m going to order a duplicate of mine which seems quality today. Should be here for the weekend war when we go for that 19-1 RECORD! Just not 100% that the system will handle the dual mic input well, just don’t know – I’m going to find out though! Thanks man.



Marjana is rogue so her talent has chance to dodge direct damage

Which if 1 or 2 marjanas dodge under mitsuko, it can sometimes leave the blue opponent alive and they can fire again before you have mitsuko charged again. So that blue opponent u think “mits is up so no reason to worry about that guy/girl” can become a “ahh sh…” moment

It’s not as big of an issue as bk because marjana is smaller chance of occuring plus only effects herself but i have had it cause issues at times especially if the blue opponent isn’t a AoE and only targets marjana with sniper damage(think alice, alasie, magni, etc)

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The red team i was confused about was

Bt bk and zim

All 3 buff attack

All 3 overwrite the other

And only 1 does direct damage

So i just thought it was an odd setup so was curious about it. I see teams i wouldn’t normally think to use, i ask questions, more of curiosity than criticism(some take it as criticism but that is not usually my intent behind the questions, tho i dont think u took it that way anyways)

I’ll have to reread the chat to recall talk about santa and puss(tho i would love to have pnb)

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War hits vs 7 гномов (Translation: 7 Gnomes)

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War Hits - Crew-Raiders vs Invictus Resurrection

More: 🎭 Guvs YouTube Videos / Channel


Played these boards pretty well. Not much I could do with the last one. underwhelming defenses we played in this one. At least at tank.


War hits. :slight_smile:


Thanks RIGS! Get that point for sure. Now if I Trip a BT, BK, ZIM - man kick me out of the FORUM, I hope to HECK you just saw it wrong LOL, yeah stupid Fire Trifecta… (Now I have to go LOOK you @*()&%). If I did Owe you a case of RED BULL REG!

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So Roxy had to Shave off her Eyebrows or her head - she went Eyebrows…
Next Loser think will be MoHaWK hAIRCUT @Rigs @Uclapack (I visited my first MERC after 480 days of running Titan Mafia the Alliance back in Aug I think 2018 Avalon Lounge just following war - and guess who they had just whallopped?? AVENGERS LMAO - a couple of the originals I first met on my Lone Wolf Journey were still there too! MEMORIESSSS… told them a full 360 would be them joining the BAT FAMILY - tbd)

@Wormwood: she didn’t go for the dual Mic idea… so I quit Streaming, but I enjoyed it so much we will just have to hear a muffled chick… and we are on for Wed I think! LOL



@Uclapack & @Razor with a mohawk on the line in a war bet “stream-off” would be pretty epic

U guys may have to line call each other to talk sh*t during your hits lol

Actually go ahead and 1 up it @Razor

Ucla & Dator vs Razor & Roxy

Double the mohawks, double the fun


War Hits - Crew-Raiders vs. ALL4ONE

Not a great performance really… Average Boards & then just terrible gameplay…

More: 🎭 Guvs YouTube Videos / Channel


WARLive! with RaZ n RoX : Top300 shooting to secure a 21-2 WAR record & RaZ takes on RoX for Highest War Score (NOTICE R&R competition postponed to weekend war due to opt-in issue.

Also had to modify stream thumbnail this is for a 21-2 not 20-2 (this later is current record)…


I’ll be there

Lookin forward to it man; was fun last time even tho i monologued chat a bit lol


Yay!! Hope I catch more this time. :slight_smile:


I feel like this is something that more people should consider before they spend (if they hadn’t considered it before).

Beware, it’s a long one, but there is a point to all of this. Just watch it and tell me what you think.

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Once you get to a certain point in the game, emblems are the main bottleneck

I have mats but no interest in using them

Have heroes i could max but no interest in maxing them

Troops are in a pretty good place

Now it’s just about emblems

Beefing up 20-30 war heroes > maxing more unemblemed 5s you don’t use

Why i have pretty much 0 interest in pulling. 10 rings and 4 more tabbards are the only mats left that i have even the slightest thirst for but in absolutely no rush to get them.

Just my experience on it and actually should have stopped doing summons long before i did but it is fun to get new stuff, just eventually you have enough stuff that the odds of anything new is very minimal and the fun goes away and the new stuff typically can’t replace what i have as far as practical use go or they clash with classes i already have other useful heroes in. I can’t recall the last time i spent on any pulls or even did gem pulls.

Anyways point being i think it’s a natural point in the game for the average player to not feel it’s necessary to get more heroes or ascension mats outside of the players with the “gotta have em all” mentality. And emblems was to give the “satisfied with what i have” players somethin to continue to work on and progress


Right along side you with this… otherwise I wouldn’t eat maxed 4/5* heroes ha haha. I know I don’t like them and I’ll never use them and have enough. I just have a summoning addiction I’m working on it.

It’s all about making the proper RESETS and knowing when you should hold em…

You got to know when to hold em, know when to fold em, know when to walk away, know when to run (it’s the 3rd one that my fight of flight says - yo RaZ chill, have a seat)

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