Youtubers: Let's see those E&P Vids

Very nicely done… Loved the rallied your way back from a couple of those close calls, also the music was awesome… Congrats on a great war…

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Hahaha… I knew that came out wrong the moment I wrote it, :rofl: obviously you did, but really there wasn’t a ton you could’ve done after those cascades that sealed your fate. Still, very enjoyable to watch…

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Thanks a lot for checking out my video and commenting on it. It really means a lot to me. Hope you guys had a great war too. :slight_smile:


Yeah I can’t see the battery :battery: on my screen :disappointed: woulda been so pissed if it died lol

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War hit 5/6,…

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I there, found a Guy with No Name at all. Here is a video fighting him. With telly *19

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Had the pleasure of getting matched against zero. Great work man. Sheers

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A quick breakdown of Clarissa’s extra damage against holy


Some blue tanks for a change :slight_smile:

Telluria is not scary and doesn’t need a nerf. High level gameplay inside. It’s long but I highly recommend watching till the end to see that Season 1 hero’s are more vicious than any +19 hero of the months or what the community deems impossible to beat. Granted you need firepower on your end also but I personally am not afraid of any hero SG throws at me and you shouldn’t neither.


I’m glad you’ve found success fighting Telluria teams, but surely you must realize the issues with your demonstration.

  1. you’re using ALL paywall heroes in team one, two of which receive a bonus simply for being on the same team, and nearly all paywall heroes on team two (Lianna the obvious exception).

  2. you aren’t rotating your heroes out to simulate wars. Using two individual teams isn’t a good way to test or advertise your success against Telluria.

  3. you haven’t excluded any of your heroes to simulate raid tournament restrictions.

  4. you haven’t shown us how strong your troops are versus the opponent.

  5. the video looks like it was edited to where you started then paused the recording. So what’s to say you didn’t cherry pick your wins from your loses? With the prevalence of Telluria, if you had simply rerolled, you would have come across another team very quickly. You selected the teams you wanted to face carefully, but in wars and raid tournaments, you won’t be able to do that.

On paper, you did a great job, but in the end, this is not a successful way to get people to see things from your point of view. Make another video, this time unedited, but fix all the issues I pointed out. Then, if you get a 100% win rate against Telluria, I’ll admit that I was wrong.

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Thanks for your criticism. Allow me to further expand on the points you made.

  1. Like a few others have stated about my hero’s, I was really fortunate in the summoning gate to have summoned said hero’s, max them and emblem them to this point from normal and light hoarding (when times are slow). I understand a lot of players are frustrated when it comes to summoning but everyone’s mileage will vary.

  2. Raiding is not wars to me. Raiding is for a personal gain and a personal chest so I choose to play at my level, which is what it shown here. While I generally chill and only do revenges because I don’t care about my personal trophy score I decided to thrown a quick compilation because of this Telluria talk.

  3. Same as above. Raid tournaments are different and are even more restricted. Those serve a different purpose than normal Raids.

  4. Wasn’t aware this was required but all of my troops are mana troops at level 23 and Holy and Dark at level 24. I am running out of troops to continue upgrading them because I don’t spend as much anymore (modest spender in general to get to competitive level)

  5. Of course it’s edited. BGM from Street Fighter because I felt like it fits (I use to play fighting games competitively and carry a fight stick with me just incase someone challenges me) and sure while it’s easy to point out I could of been cherry picking but also note if you pause fast enough you will see that I am picking some extreme high level opponents who I am positive have spent more than me and you and out parents salary combined. It’s a winning/working compilation instead of a loosing one to show people it’s doable at a high level which is where I’ve gotten myself too. If it makes any consolation I have nothing to hide. I don’t win them all. You cannot win them all in this game even if you do everything right! Algorithm will not allow you ever to be on a major winning streak. It took me 4/6 wins recordings for my 1st team with 5th being ok enough to include but as you can tell my phone froze because black berry priv is not a gaming phone. and 4/6 wins when I used the women team I just didn’t know if I can post a video over 20 minutes I am not a big name so I didn’t want to force limitations. I just threw it together for a win compilation.

In the end, again, thank you for your bullet points but my success versus this hero will not be something that changes SG mind or anybody else. In fact I’ve ruffled a few feathers with this compilation (compilations are indeed cringe no matter how you swing it) but my goal was to play, at my level and my hero’s, versus higher level and at that point of recording much higher global standing than myself to show others the power of a full all colored team synergy instead of the yet another stacking red against telluria or any tank just so you can get it over and done with. I consider myself just a guy that plays video games With a gamer mindset. (I do know and love the outside very much) but when it comes to some games I care about like this one I try to excel at it given the tools I got, through luck on this one with the summoning.

Do I think Telluria needs a nerf? For me no? For other players? Sure. Will this affect me, personally and how I play the game? (obviously I play much different than others it seems saying that in a non jerk way) No it will not and I look forward for more SG hero’s because all hero’s are awesome.

Ruh Roh…I did a thing


This was awesome lol

I thought you were about to eat her

Fwiw general feedback is already bring it back and try it at 35-40% then see how she is

Whether that swas SG or not, who knows

But beta definitely didnt deem complete removal of the extra damage necessary

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people need to understand…this is not her nerf, its her beta, its a starting point…they are causing so much noise that any reasonable voices about balance will be drowned out.

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Some civilized discussion is goin on in beta

Actually my favorite part of beta opening is the refreshing feeling of seeing good conversations

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I can imagine…sometimes I wish I was invited to your APL but they are probably scared off by some of my snarky responses to insane posts

I have no clue how or why you’re not there tbh

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@Ender_BattleSchool thank you very much for the quick, thoughtful and valid response. The ending was also top notch. Perfect execution!

Fully agree with you by the way.

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