Youtube videos: how to videos, podcast, news show, gameplay and funny videos (in norwegian)

We in Tyr Empire, an alliance family with 5 alliances under its banner, are starting our very own youtube channel. We will post weekly videos from how to play, podcast, interviews from Tyr Empire players but also other alliances. We will do funny videos and will have giveaways!

All videos will be in Norwegian, but we hope our scandinavian neighbours will subscribe as well! We will launch the channel 1st of October, but have already put up a promotion video and have started posting some gameplay videos where our players raid against some of the big names in Empires and Puzzles like Zero, Rozz, Pandemic Disease and Anchor. (Only 2 videos out atm, but new ones are being posted every day)

We hope you will subscribe and join us on this new adventure! Go to and subscribe for more exciting content and giveaways! Dont miss out :wink:

Read more about Tyr Empire on :slight_smile:


Our channel is launched! First out is a news show that we will do every the 1st of every month with recent changes, hotm and event information and so on! It’s in Norwegian by our very own co-leader Monica. (There is some misinformation in the video, the stats of Aegir were changed before release so we didnt have the right information when filming and SG didnt answer us in a week sadly)

Next video is coming on thursday and will be a podcast where we discuss Aegir, event heroes and the rumoured halloween heroes. Subscribe, like and comment. It really helps us out! Giveaways are coming as soon as the merch arrive.

New video up. ZeroIntolerance from TYR explains how to raid with a rainbow team in Norwegian.

hopefully devs promote you guys as much as they do 7D and not continue to show the very one sided favoritism they have so far

They have encouraged posting our content here on the forums and been nice enough to send us some merch to do giveaways in the future :slight_smile:

So they’ve been very accomadating so far. We do have some limitations since we’re doing it in Norwegian but there is such an amazing scandinavian community so we hope people will follow and support our efforts :slight_smile:

And we hope we can show the devs what we can do and hope they get to know us better. I understand they have a long history with 7dd and know them well so it’s easier to support :slight_smile:

two new videos up. One about raiding with 2+3 system and one about how you can land top 100 place in the october event. All in norwegian of course. Check it out!


2+3 raiding:

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Check out the interview with Graffn leader of Tyr a top 100 alliance who also haven’t used a single dime on the game; completly f2p. Patience is the word of the day :wink: The interview is in norwegian.

New video about recent changes in the game and up coming november event :slight_smile:

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