Youtube E&P PvP/Titan thread?

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I’ve noticed not all youtubers use Line. But many of them post youtube videos throughout the forum.

Would it break rules if there was a thread dedicated to players that want to post videos of raids, wars, titan hits, or even other informational videos?

I’m sure there probably is, but I’m just not aware of it

Of course any videos with foul language or deemed inappropriate could be flagged by those that watch them, so shouldnt be the main reason for barring the existence of the thread in my opinion

And yes videos would have to be strictly E&P related and not random music videos or advertisments


That’d be cool if we could! Another great idea :grin:

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Well I’m going to post one of my YouTube videos of my most recent raid run. Cervantes from Crew-Raiders: Latest Raid Run

Feel free to like/view my other videos and subscribe to my channel. #peaceoutfornow #KingKyree


It’s fine to start such a thread, Rigs. As long as the videos are E&P-related.


…and posters do not include Beta content. :wink:


Can we also make sure the language is suitable for all audiences.

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I mentioned that. We’ll have to flag inappropriates. Only way to do it. Just like we have to with threads and posts and already shared videos


You wanna get the ball rolling with similar title to this thread

@Rook this thread can be closed

Sorry Rigs, didn’t see your comments. My apologies.

I’m not sure what you mean?

I’ll do it in a few

I just didnt want to since i dont youtube E&P stuff lol but enjoy watching some others

Oh, you’re closing this thread?

I guess lol didnt think to just switch it over.

I will close this idea thread. You can make the new official one. Thanks Rigs!