You're stealing my World Energy!

Twice today I used 16 WE in the Shrikewood quest. Each time, in the final battle, I get a “server connection failed” message and the fight disappears. The connection comes back, but the fight is gone and I’m out 16 WE points. So, my request is, when there is any server error during a battle, retrun the WE points.

I don’t know if there is something in the level causing the server problem, because none of my other internet devices had any problem, and a server error has only happened once or twice before, but this time was twice in the same place in the battle and it was a very costly one.

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That just happened to me also on same level

Hey guys. Sucks. Sorry.

Best recourse is to submit a ticket. You will want to make sure when you do to include your Account ID, approximate time, and screenshots if you thought to take them.

Posting here will get you a lot of ‘me too’ and sympathy, but support will not see it unless you submit a ticket.

Ah, I thought a forum with “bugs” might be read by the devs. Ok, I’ll submit a ticket. I wonder how I do that…

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In game: Options/Support/Support

The same happened fp me twice today… A sudden message that said about server disconnection and the second time during a battle the game app just stopped working and the game quit on its own!!! I wanna play on the upcomming event tommorrow but it is not fair when bugs steal your woeld energy

While I sympathize with this kind of thing (it’s happened to me during raids), returning the energy invested automatically would be too exploitable. It would just encourage people to intentionally DC right before losing a battle to get back the energy and try again.

Hopefully support can help you out, though. :slight_smile:

I happened the same way, I used 16 WE in the Shrikwood and game kicked me off,but picked up 16 WE.

Just happened to me this week in frostmarch. I fight through four levels, I’m fighting the boss, and get a server connection. I didn’t file a support request because I can’t figure out how. I’ll try again.