Your very first team


Cool. I was stupid enough to feed all my 2* to 3* and then 3* to 4*.

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Feeding finished 3* heroes is a generally bad idea.
Feeding your 2* heroes to your later 4* or 5* is the right thing. I’ll do it someday, I imagine.



Now I know it. :slight_smile: When I just started playing, I thought that I didn’t need heroes besides a rainbow team. Experience is a son of our mistakes.



Bane, Needler, Sharan, Layla, Olaf

Still have Bane, Needler, Layla. Needler isn’t maxed but I have a sentimental streak it seems and haven’t fed him to Little John (yet)

Still use Bane and Layla in some cases, Bane if I am fighting a purple Titan and Kayla for farming



I learned about color stacking from people in chat and the good of taking out the weak color against titans from my first alliance so I also leveled up a nash and a second layla (the best 2* ever) :slight_smile:

At a certain point I only bothered with putting sharan on the team if I actually had a hard time finishing a certain level without her.

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I think it was Brogan Layla Olaf Bane and I can’t remember my red. Possibly Jill/Sharan

(I thought I replied to this thread before but it seems I haven’t)

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1st 3* and 1st 4* teams…worked quite well and I still use them in events



I know that we are guaranteed first Bane, but seeing the posts above make me wonder, did we also guaranteed to have Layla at the beginning?

Anyway, this is the first team I assembled and leveled for the purpose of progressing through the map.

None of those heroes is the first hero I leveled/ascended though. That title went to Sharan, but I did that because she is *1 therefore she is easy to be ascended and thereby help me fulfill an early mission that reward gem (Ascend a Hero to Tier 2). I feed her to Zudak afterwards as she don’t make the cut to enter the main team.

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Love seeing Mr Sassy Pants in the mix there!

He was a staple on my map and titan teams for sooo long. All the way up until I finally got Kailani, which didn’t happen until like, 2 months in. He’s soo much better than most people ever give him credit for!



On my second account, my current team is Needler/Toril/Bane/Nashgar/Layla. And before getting Nashgar, I used Ragnhild and Shaarkot.

On my first one, it started with Layla, Bane, Shaarkot, Olaf and Needler. Since I started in December, I replaced Shaarkot with Rudolph, and Needler with Buddy (but not before trying Carter…), while Toril occupied Shaar’s spot as the Attack buffer until Gunnar became my main tank. And now, I replaced Gunnar with Kiril as a buffer.

First Bane is still on the team, and I’ve yet to feed the rest.