Your very first team


Cool. I was stupid enough to feed all my 2* to 3* and then 3* to 4*.


Feeding finished 3* heroes is a generally bad idea.
Feeding your 2* heroes to your later 4* or 5* is the right thing. I’ll do it someday, I imagine.


Now I know it. :slight_smile: When I just started playing, I thought that I didn’t need heroes besides a rainbow team. Experience is a son of our mistakes.


Bane, Needler, Sharan, Layla, Olaf

Still have Bane, Needler, Layla. Needler isn’t maxed but I have a sentimental streak it seems and haven’t fed him to Little John (yet)

Still use Bane and Layla in some cases, Bane if I am fighting a purple Titan and Kayla for farming


I learned about color stacking from people in chat and the good of taking out the weak color against titans from my first alliance so I also leveled up a nash and a second layla (the best 2* ever) :slight_smile:

At a certain point I only bothered with putting sharan on the team if I actually had a hard time finishing a certain level without her.


I think it was Brogan Layla Olaf Bane and I can’t remember my red. Possibly Jill/Sharan

(I thought I replied to this thread before but it seems I haven’t)


1st 3* and 1st 4* teams…worked quite well and I still use them in events