Your very first team

The topic about first 4* hero brought me back in memory to my very first team in the game. I was trying to recall what was it.

We all had Bane I believe.
My first green was Jenneh and I liked her “Mark of Ivy”
Blue was Raghnild with her Fierce Slash
Red Sharan was my only healer for a very long time before I summoned Boldtusk. But since she was very weak I replaced her with Farid.
And purple Layla. This girl with Poisoned Blade surved me longer than all other 2* before I finally replaced her with Tiburtus.

Do you remember your first team? :slight_smile:


bane - carver - purple layla - blue toril - red zudak


loved toril, hated carver :joy:

and then came colen :)) WOW!!! =))

Olaf the blue defense buffer, green Jenneh with her single attack, red Jill with her attack buff, purple Layla the poisoner and Bane. Not a bad rounded set of 2*'s looking back!

Same. Best 2* in my opinion. But I was so excited to get Balthazar!

My first team was Olaf, Jeneh, Sharan, Bane and Layla.

Then I pulled Scarlett early on.

My first team was Bane (obviously), Layla, Needler, Toril and Sharan (for some time, while I did not have a better healer). Sharan got replaced by Sabina soon thereafter, and then I got Kelile with a token. That was my team for a while.

If you mean something past tutorials as your first team then.
Brand, Petri, Sharan, Layla, and Bane


The oldest team I remember having is my first 3* team because I didn’t invest in many 2* except for Layla. Although, my luck was so bad on green that I didn’t really use green. My early team was:


Beyond the starter team, my first was Layla - Sharan - Isshtak - Olaf - Bane. That team was good enough to get to about Province 13, at which point Sharan was too fragile to let me continue any further. Eventually I replaced Sharan with Hawkmoon, Layla with Renfeld (admittedly a step down, but I didn’t know at the time), and Olaf with Sonya.

My first team was Bane, Sharan, Layla, Jenneh and Ragnild.

Since I am ftp this didnt change very fast with the exception of a lucky summon of Gunnar from a daily silver token which then really made my day.

After quite some time Azar showed up who replaced Sharan and started my preference for mana control. :smile:

Layla and Jenneh were still with me when Kiril showed up.

He was a present of RNG and ended my healerless existence.

I don’t remember that tutorials were somehow clearly separated from the rest of the game. They just appeared to be on first interaction with a castle and a map and a portal. On next steps I just continued playing with all the same I had during tutorial.

I remember feeding Sharan to Jahangir.

I remember Bane’s special getting stuck at 5/8 or 6/8. (Maxed eventually by feeding him lots of Banes since then)

I don’t even remember using a 2* blue, or green hero, but I got to 3* real quick with the starter special and the first month’s VIP gems. Except Layla.

It looks like Layla is a favorite purple hero of beginners. :slight_smile:

I was dreaming to have Belith or Hawkmoon but got Brienne, Isshtak and Azar instead. It was hard live without a healer. Especially in raids where you can’t use healing potions. :frowning:
Funny thing is that once I launched TC20 I started getting both Belith and Hawkmoon like from a machine gun. :sunglasses:

This was EXACTLY ME! I loved Jeneh and Layla, then BAM, “Hello Kiril”. He is still in my first team and he has two other brothers sitting right behind him haha.

She’s fast. she does poison damage. she’s great

My first maxed team was 4* heroes, to this day I never maxed a 3*. It was guardian falcon, kiril, Sabina, little John and Wu Kong.

I got GM after 2 summons, had a break the got Gaffar and Quintus in the same week, then i went crazy trying to get Joon, but got 6 Gregorians in the process. I basically been playing with this team until uograde.

I still have layla, i just don’t have the heart to feed her. Still use her in wars sometimes too as i am still building my 6 teams.

It’s definitely the first set of characters the players have access to and can retain (not sure if any one in their right minds would start using Kenjiro/Hikaru over Bane and Fletcher/Nightshade over Layla when the game relinquished more control to the players).

Speaking of which, do you remember the team in the introduction of the game where Commander Grey was fighting the Dark Lord with? I think there were only 3 colors for the ease of understanding/tutorial purposes, Red, Blue, and Green.

I remember Lianna being one of the heroes in tutorial, can’t remember who the Blue and Red were. Was one of them Colen? Since it has been such a long time ago and there weren’t really any YouTube videos recording the very, very beginning. Short of starting an alt or push aside a new player to look at his/her tutorial.

She’s one of the more usable 2* heroes when put in the 3* arena. There probably are a few others besides her, but I didn’t try any of them.

Doesn’t hurt that she was one of the cover girls for the game and is a popular avatar.

I still haven’t eaten her. I might use her in a mono-purple rare event challenge team. I might possibly use her in a final war attack stacking purple against yellow tanks.

But if I’m honest with myself, it is more a combination of being sentimental, and of hating how you lose so much of the value you put into a finished hero when you eat it. I doubt I’ll ever use her again for a serious game reason. (I might go back and see what I can do with my old team just to prove a point or as a challenge, or something.)

After being speechless and envy for some time: this is what we need to know about luck and randomness in this game.

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