Your Top 3 Favorite Hero Artworks

I’m officially your fan now

Thank you very much, I also very much hope to design the image that can make your eyes shine :blush:

  1. Topaz
  2. Hanitra
  3. Exceera


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Ingolf its the best for me

They should make a Kratos card… you know… big, oak tree like guy, pale skin, grey bearded, red paint tatoos across face, arms and torso, special skill: “Leviathan throw: instantly kills anyone left on the battlefield, friend or foe” except for the caster who gets +500 hp, +50% attk and 50% defense… also turns down all recieved damage to 1 for 6 turns, undispellable, just in case someone revives… Would be my #1, for sure… might also have a catchy phrase just like black knight… he might say “Boy”… or “No”… would be ballanced in today’s context, don’t you think?