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Thanks . I’ll try it out.

Thanks. This isn’t a raid it’s a member of an alliance during war.

I’d drop in Khiona, Sartana, Merlin, Joon and Kiril. Probably win pretty quickly. :slight_smile:

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Id think “free cups and resources”. I jump on teams like this all the time. People will scoff, but this is what I would use. Merlin is my swap spot. I switch with Hansel, Gretel, Natalya (soon Mitsuko) depending on the color of the tank. Ill still reroll on maxed out GM groups.

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I don’t have Sartana DJQuixo. I have the rest. Will substitute Sartana with Guradian Panther or Domitra.


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Thanks but it’s not a raid, it’s an enemy in our war.

die gloriously

lol…now I get the 20 characters joke


You’re not missing anything. Just getting a 2nd opinion.

I would bring out my purple team of Sartana, Panther, Khiona, Aeron and Sargasso and wipe them out.

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Thanks Glenn. My purple team does that in raids, but since this is war I don’t quite have the depth yet. In time though. Thanks for taking the time to give feedback.

Oh. Just substitute Panther, then. Why didn’t I think of that??
Oh, right. cries I don’t have that sweet little kitty…


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