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If you came up against this team, what would you do?

What am.i missing…looks pretty straight forward. D is an ok tank. The rest are standard 5 stars.

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Sry, What r your thoughts on attacking it?

3 purples / 2 greens
3 purples / 2 reds
3 purple / 2 blues
5 blues
5 greens
5 purple

Hell, you can go 5 yellow on that team an smash it


I color-stack, so I would bring in at least two purples, maybe three. If you do 3-2 stack, I’d make the other color green. I would bring in a dispeller, so Panther and/or Zeline. I like using at least one healer. The team I would use if I did a 3-2 stack (with the current heroes I have) would be:

Alby, Hel, Khiona, Panther and Tarlak/Zeline

But I usually only stack 2-1-1-1. I only do 3-2, 2-2-1 or 3-1-1 if it’s a troublesome tank [for me].


Thanks. Was pondering my team.

Thanks Randa. Awesome input. Appreciate it.

I’d reroll. But I’m not on that level yet. Looks like you’ve put a lot of work into that.

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With my current roster, I would bring: Caedmon - Sabina - Merlin - Guardian Panther - Little John.
If the first attack didn’t go well, I may change it up to: Grimm - Sabina - Merlin - Guardian Panther - Triton.

Ideally, this is how it would go:

  1. Take out Delilah quickly.
  2. Carefully watch Azlar’s mana. Leave him alone if possible and focus on Lianna/Domitia.
    a. If Azlar’s mana gets too high, use Merlin to waste his mana. The same goes for Lianna.
  3. Ghost tiles on the left to build mana and take out the right side using specials.

Of course, raids sometimes don’t go as planned, and my team probably goes in as a heavy underdog. However, I have beaten similar teams using this setup and mindset.


Now that I see my response on paper, maybe with that strategy I should really use a purple-red team :rofl:

That is a team I would normally hunt. I go panther alasie gm hel and drake

I would use Sabina, Rigard, Proteus, Li Xiu and Chao.

Gives me two healers and 3 mana controllers. Triple strong color against tank and double color on a flank. I like the double yellow better than green for the added mana control which pairs nicely with proteus, and yellow is neutral damage against green red and blue whereas if you bring green for magni, green tiles don’t do very well against red and other green.

I have Gregorian, Khiona, Domitia, Guardian Panther and Alberich.

Not sure what the rest of your thought was

The beginning of this thread shows the team I wanna hit. You provided suggestions and I listed my team in the last post.

After reading your last post you’re saying don’t use green? Is that correct Sweg?

I’m new to this forum posting, I’ll get it down soon enough.

Oh my bad. I thought you were posting your own defense team that’s why I was confused when you named some heroes lol. Using green is fine but I would use yellow. Especially because I’m taking 4* heroes against 5* mana control effects are great.

Great. Sorry for the confusion. I’ll let you know how it turns out after our war.

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