Your thoughts on Atlantis Heroes

Hello guys!
I just want led to ask two things:

  1. What Are your thoughts on Kageburado, I JUST got him from Atlantis Summon And I really don’t know what to think about him.

  2. What Are your favorite Heroes from Atlantis? My:
    5*: Tarlak
    4*: Propably Proteus, because He Is quite OP
    3*: Mnesseus or Melia

For #1
Please check the following:

For #2
Both are OPs … each has his way to use, but I think Tarlak more game changer.

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Youre lucky. I think Kageburado ist one the best of them.
Big bounce if opponent over 50% and dispells bonuses.
And very fast mana like Gravemaker - cool 5* - congrats.