Your Personal Ranking of Raven and Wolf Heroes

Was curious how everyone ranks the Legendary Heroes of the Clash of Knights event?

I’ll go first:


  1. Ludwig
  2. Wolfgang
  3. Quenell
  4. Esme


  1. Quintin
  2. Rayne
  3. Eloise
  4. Lewena

Is this the consensus or do some of you have strong opinions otherwise?


For me, I judge them as individuals and not as part of a team because, if Ludwig were your only 5*, would he be the best?

My personal ranking for the wolves:

Wolfgang (AoE, healer, survivalist)
Quenell (AoE)
Ludwig (Survivalist)
Esme (healer)

All are great, but the fact that Wolfgang can do what the others can do in a color that is lacking in decent AoE heroes just pushes him to the top for me.

My personal ranking for the Ravens:

Eloise (the most relevant)
Quintin (huge design flaw. He hits too hard to make his secondary effects matter. By the time he is charged and hits an enemy, they’re probably already dead).
Rayne (if there isn’t anyone adjacent to an infected enemy, the poison doesn’t go anywhere, plus Elradir)
Lewena (too many strong AoE reds out there and her secondary ability is only good for offense).

The wolves are far better in terms of individual utility than the Ravens are in my opinion.


I think those rankings are accurate. I’d say Rayne, Eloise, and Lewana are all inferior to Ludwig/Wolfgang/Quenell too.

I think I’d put Wolfgang above Ludwig, but other than that agree

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I own all the wolves and I also own Quintin.

Wolves: Ludwig > Quenell > Wolfgang > Esme.
Reason: his charge mechanic combined with Xnolphod is the best synergy in the game and has saved my butt countless times. Quenell is simply a monster and will destroy anyone. Wolfgang is nice but I find him to be too slow (I don’t have a lvl 23 mana troop yet). Esme is meh… too niche, not worth items.

Ravens: Quintin > Rayne > the other two. Quintin is just awesome. Rayne is nice too but just doesn’t have the guaranteed killing power Quintin does. The other two… too niche, useless outside of minion fights and rush wars/tournaments.


What? “By the time he is charged and hits an enemy, they’re probably already dead.”

Quintin is fast speed, which means he will fire before almost anyone else, and you are not killing any 5* emblemed hero in a single hit so his special is invaluable because it guarantees the target will die in the next turn or two from any other damage your team does to anyone.


They’re probably already dead isn’t literally it’s figurative. If you mono with Quintin on your team, by the time he fires (8 tiles) the game/match would most likely be won, so he fires, cool, that hero was already dead. If you don’t mono with him, you had better hold your charged special until you have another hero ready to fire that can guarantee a kill on the hero you’re trying to kill with Quintin.

I agree with @byzanthia 's ranking

Lol and it’s weird, as I just had this discussion in my alliance’s Line group chat a couple days ago, where I ranked these heroes - so I’ll just copy and paste my thoughts from there:

I’d order them like:

  1. Ludwig
  2. Quenell
  3. Quintin
  4. Wolfgang
  5. Rayne
  6. Eloise
  7. Lewena
  8. Esme

But all are at least good

Esme heals quite significantly, but lacks a universal secondary effect

Talents are usually negligible - annoying at best - so Lewena is mostly just a solid AoE hitter

Eloise has a great attack stat + hit, plus a unique counter to minions we haven’t seen (and perfect color for em) but doesn’t provide mana like Grimble (and upcoming Topaz, who’s also holy), so may still sit the bench when you have both. Great hero otherwise, but still quite niche

Rayne can be cleansed less paired with another Raven, and average speed snipers are usually pretty meh anyway, but her DOT can easily get out of hand. Offensively, she’ll be monster assuming you have a L23 mana troop for her. Her DOT can be upwards of 1k!!

Wolfgang is an AoE + over-heal all in one, so one of the best all-around heroes there are, doing both very well too (however, he’s a master of neither)

Quintin ensures whoever gets hit from him dies, regardless of minions, effects, etc, and with fast speed, that makes him incredibly dangerous

Quenell is a guarantee kill after one fire… basically sniper range on three. So insane at fast mana

And Ludwig ensures that two other heroes fire three times under his guidance… plus, a six turn taunt :flushed: Great even outside of VF, especially if you have Xnolphod and Alfrike to pair him with :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Generally the ravens are better attackers and the wolves better defenders, but I agree more or less with the consensus:

  1. Ludwig
  2. Quintin
  3. Wolfgang
  4. Quenell
  5. Rayne
  6. Eloise
  7. Lewena
  8. Esme
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This! Was initially excited but she seems to be a better Ureaus (avg speed sniper with secondary dot) and I hardly ever use my urass+20.

So dilemma, rayne, dupe xnol, dupe ludwig, dark lord… leaning towards squid game.

But then next dilemma is dupe xnol or dupe quenell first?

There are a lot of heroes that fit that category of overkill on a mono team. Most mono teams if you get those six or nine tiles it’s game over. I generally run 2-2-1 which I find way less rng tile dependent, get much more interesting team creation and he is going to really shine on those teams.

I agree with most of people’s orders, except I wouldn’t put Ludwig as number 1 as he requires synergy/support whilst Wolfgang is amazing (as long as you have a level 23 mana troop). He’s a staple on my offense team and he saves me every time and I rarely lose raids now. He also serves me well in my defense team and I haven’t even LB him yet.



  1. Quenell (OP hitter)
  2. Ludwig (OP with support)
  3. Wolfgang (Top tier all-around hero)
  4. Esme (good healer but transcendent with Fiends)


  1. Quintin (incredibly useful special)
  2. Lewena (not incredibly useful but always helpful special)
  3. Eloise (strong hitter, awesome against minions)
  4. Rayne (neat mechanic and that poison would be dangerous if it gets out of hand)

Is quintin a boy or girl ? I think 30 lord loki vs 30 any hero would be the most fun but I think quneel 30 vs 30 would win

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