Your opinions on the event heroes

So e&p fans, what are your opinions on the new heroes of Grim forest? I would say I favour boss wolf due to his reposit. Ive been om the hunt for a 5* hero with reposit since cyprian has done wonders on my team. The really slow mana could do with a buff to average, but I like him. Could he be replacement for my cyprian? Could cyprian be better than boss wolf due to the really slow mana charge? I think I’m going to have to test both while farming to see the diffrence.

What are your thoughts on the new heroes of the forest?

I think Red Riding Hood is the best so far, I can’t seem to outdamage her I fought her for 20 minutes and just gave up, I had Vivica, Sabina, Boldtusk, Alisea, Eline(sp) green 5 star, thou Red dose have permanent reflect of red in event making red DD useless, going to swap Vivica for Hu Tao and see if I can make a dent but I doubt it will be enough.

Try cyprian’'s repost powered with mana potions when she is close to doing her special. I have noticed the reflect does take huge chunks off hp from her, if you have cyprian.

Did try for redhood or rumple but It wasn’t to be. Her tile damage is good.:persevere:

I have Broil but skill has been hard luck lvling special only 5 at 53 3rd assintion, but would have to give up Boldtusk or Vivica so I lose a element

@pendragon I don’t mean to be rude, but the word is “riposte.” :slight_smile:

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Thank you paranoia. 20 letters.

I like Rumples the best because he killed me the most. I want him on my team.

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I’m a fan of Rumpelstiltskin, ΔS is where it’s at :wink:

Rumpel is the coolest looking hero IMO. And his special being random everytime you fire is a really cool idea, I hope the devs introduce a hero with a similar skill in the future.

Also I have a soft spot for him because I love old Disney and…come on…

@Drob, you can’t beat Red because you don’t have enough hitters in your lineup. HuTao is a decent start, but do you have any higher damage single target heroes that you could swap in instead? Leave Viv and Sabina in, and use Alasie, Zeline and preferably another blue hitter. If that doesn’t work, try pulling Viv in favor of another hitter.

Unfortunately my only other single target high lvl dd is Gormack a red ( yea i know he’s not a true single target dd) I have some others but they are not lvled yet.

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