Your most powerful rainbow team?



What, currently, is/are your most powerful team(s)? A team must include all five elements.

And just for the sake of it, include your current level to indicate how much time/effort you have put into playing the game.

I am currently at level 22

My top teams are:

  • For defense: Bane | Grimm | Cyprian | Colen | Belith
  • For Titans and other battles: Little John | Colen | Cyprian | Grimm | Wu Kong

(Yes, I still have to use Bane and Belith. Belith and Hawkmoon are still the only healers that I have.)


May you get a 4* healer in the new year! :blush:


So we’re talking most powerful RAINBOW :rainbow: team-okay, though a lot of us run unbalanced teams strategically.

My current best rainbow team, considering current levels is:

  • Marjana / Alberich / Grimm / Musashi / Rigard (all equipped with level 8 4* troops)

I am working on replacing Grimm with Magni and Rigard with Thoth-Amun. Been playing since July with regular purchases and the good fortune of being in an excellent alliance, Crystal Palace.


What do you mean by regular purchases


I’m not “free to play”. I’ll buy a particularly attractive offer.



Also sub in Boldtusk for Scarlett, Boril for Sonya, and Jackal or Falcon for Skittle.


Cpt. Kestrel

Kestrel is the only one I’ve been able, so far, to max, but I’m closing in on the ascension items for them all.


… preferably before December 31, 2018! :rofl:



All 5*80


In other words, all that your heroes would have to do is act as if they are blowing out birthday candles and my team would be annihilated! :laughing:


Been playing since June.

Vivica 8/80
Sonya 8/70 or Cademon 8/70
Hel fully ascended but level 45
Alberich 8/70
Marjana fully ascended but level 43

Can’t play enough to get the feeder heroes. I have no idea how people have already leveled Perseus.


What is 8/70 and 8/80


Maxed special, final level.


Probably the same way that some people have several 5* and a bunch of spare 4* while others do not have any after playing the same amount of time: luck of the draw and/or real money.


That’s nonsense. It’s all about active play and smart resource management.


There is a large luck factor, too, both in getting the heroes to start and then in getting ascension mats to complete them. Money can substitute for luck to some degree.


ok, but his comment was about feeding heroes, not about getting heroes or ascension items.


Yeah that was how I read it. Basically once you have played enough you run out of heroes to level that make any difference to your game play, and then you can do stuff like this (baby example as I only just started doing it):

Just don’t collect till you are ready as it will continue to train new heroes until you run out of recruits.

Multiplied by 4 that starts adding up in a hurry for fast leveling… Zero for example had something like 800 fodder heroes saved up for his Natalya push.


Most people use X/Y to be tier/level. e.g. 3/70 vs 4/70.


Running Extra low cost has other benefits. You save enough backpacks to switch TC or two to color you need. At least that’s what I do and it’s pretty fast (feed 10 of a color and at 8/8 feed everything). I stopped lvl 1/2 training completely.