Your most hated hero

Your nemesi.
The one that everytime you kill him, you smile and beg for more.
Your worst nightmare in raids.

Mine? Cyprian. That noseless b******.

Bonus: epic summon has changed. Now the first hero that is shown is not always a 5* anymore.


When I was brand new to the game it was Brienne. Then it became Colen. Now it is Ares.


As a newbie it was Bane, l just despise his leering smirk; hate that I need him on my 3* team to be competitive in the challenge events. Now it bounces between LiXiu and Sartana. Sartana is a one shot death machine. LiXiu has a hex on the boards so her special fires just as my Hel is about to take her out. :imp:

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All day has to be Justice! I avoid like the plague

Colen can clear your team out pretty quick if you don’t have a way to remove the dot or heal through it. I also find Little John to be a bit ridiculous even if he is slow and can be avoided most times. That mana debuf is crippling if you can’t remove it as you can’t charge anybody up to heal or do dmg. A Little John paired with an AoE mana reducing toon can offset specials to just ruin your day.

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Little John and Colen

Can’t stand that fat b******

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Source of more phone throwing losses than the rest combined frankly… though when I was still leveling my first team Colen and Azlar were ugly and LJ was a skip. LJ still gives me some trouble now if he gets his cast off, it’s just painful.

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You know what i hate the most about Cyprian? I have had mistaken him for her twin sister Sabina.Today, i have raid him thinking all along that it was Sabina.i tried hard to hit her to kill her first before she heals anybody and suddenly got riposted, then realized that she was actually Cyprian(omg), and i was basically destroyed after that. In all fairness, i would’nt dream to fight perfect riposte yet. It is too nightmare for me. Yeah, basically those noseless twin had fooled me.

Note : This had happened because i am fairly new to this game(been playing for about 3 weeks). its hard to remember everyone faces and i sometime tend to mixed them up especially the twins. i am sure you guys does’nt have this particular problem. And yes, i didnt check the stats first because i’m confident that it was Sabina. Excuse my English.


Hmm. At first Balthasar. Definitely Balthasar. When I saw that lightning go off I ground my teeth.

Then was Colen. If enemy had Colen, they also had my cups. That was before I had any sort of reasonable damage on tile attacks. Now Colen just gets spanked if there’s anything blue around him (running Kiril+Sonya in raids).

Current Nemesis… hm… I don’t think I have one.
I basically attack enemies based on how much stuff they have and whether it’s a revenge. Beating teams 400 points over me all the time, losing to those 200 points below me all the time too :rofl: It’s all about the board with my team. Ares will wreck them if I get nothing blue early on, but if I do he’s free. Hel can be one-shot (Li+Wukong) or completely block my progress. Same with any other 5*. I don’t know.

Alberich. Once he’s down, I know the win is likely. If he’s left standing, anything could happen, very little of it good.

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albi hands down. a few days ago he rezz’d all fourbdead heroes including an 80 Azlar that was fully charged. :grimacing:


Kashrrrrrrreck because nobody else will agree but he still gives me trouble. And he’s a lizard. And green. Too many r’ s too. The nerve!


That’s just one big Ouch!

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The one that annoys me most without a doubt is ares…alby is annoying but ares is downright frustrating

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I’ve never had much trouble with Alberich or Ares, but I was lucky enough to draw several debuffers early on and can typically negate their effects as soon as they get off.

Colen and Azlar used to be a problem before I started just refusing to hit them with tiles to charge their specials; I target them early with my single-attack hitters, and as long as I don’t have atrocious board, I don’t have a problem with them anymore.

Kashrek can be a pain, mainly because I can be lulled into thinking he’s easy pickings. He’s a tank, and a pain to kill with that fire defense, and he’s ugly and silly-looking and always healing the folks I most want to kill, which can make him incredibly annoying.

I don’t have anyone who can remove status ailments on my party though, so Justice and Hu Tao can be massive pains in the @rssse. Probably my biggest bane. I try to stack up on healers against them where I can and just wait them out while I wiff away. If the other team is built well or my board isn’t decent, however, they can really get my goat.

I’ve got a Justice of my own though, so I ain’t all mad. :smiley:


No real problem children now - but Kashrek annoys me the most.

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Had a massively lucky Alberich today. Dodged all my hits (Wukong-powered), survived as the sole survivor TWICE, to ressurect 3 teammates each time. Was 1 tile from dying after that, but got to cast his stupid spell again and I’ve finally lost the battle of attrition. Bah! :rofl:

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Yeah, I’m actually using Alby in my raid attack lineup now and he brought two raids back from the brink of destruction for the win. Bad board wiping your team? Alby don’t give a…

We were theory crafting some random defenses yesterday with Khagan and Alby’s… needless to say it got pretty loopy stupid for insanely irritating to attack.

So far, my least favorite owned is Kashhrak.

He is weak, and while he is a healer and increases protection, he only does it against one element and only for three turns. I keep him only in case of some desperate need much later on.

I have seen a few people mention Cyprian and/or Colen. I have them both leveled to the max and they, along with Grimm make a formidable trio.

Least favourite player to play against not own

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