Your lucky day! Give 'em Hell Heroes Alliance looking for a few good members

Do you have monsters plaguing your fiefdom, duchy, barony, democracy or kingdom?
Who are you going to call to get rid of those pesky pests?
Give 'em Hell Heroes!

Are you tired of tyrannical Titans extorting your family?
Why keep sacrificing your virgin daughters or sons when you can call, “Give 'em Hell Heroes!”

We don’t pussyfoot around! We hit monsters and Titans hard.

Are you pissed off enough at these monsters and Titans burning your homes and villages to the ground and devouring your families?
Are you hungry to join an alliance that is serious about slaying monsters and Titans but also help you grow as a player and hero?
Who should you join?
Give 'em Hell Heroes!

It’s your lucky day. We have openings in our Alliance. We are looking for a few good members.

Our requirements for joining are basic.
– Must be at Player level 10 or above.
– Must dedicate to fight Titan with all your flags every day, but
we know that life happens so let us know when you can’t hit the Titan; else
miss 2 Titans and you are Out!
– Alliance Wars are optional, but we get more loot if we play, so we encourage participation in Alliance Wars.

Our expectations for players are
– hit Titan before raiding, farming or exploring new territory
– willing to keep building heroes and teams
Stronger heroes make stronger teams to hit Titan and Alliance War opponents
– share information on our alliance’s chat board about what you learn to help all of us become better players
– keep your game up to date with the latest changes from the developer. That means checking your Inbox regularly.

If you have questions, reply to this post.
After you join, go on our chat board and ask away.

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