Your game server has serious problems

@Mistress_of_Shadows can you atleast tell me if there is any way to actually check out if there is a cache or wifi issue in this game?

I mean its not like my phone’s web browser just stops at random like it does with E&P

I can literally watch entire movies on Netflix without ever having breaks or stoppages

and having my play time be literally restricted to direct connections on a phone will be quite difficult considering everything is done wireless through it

it is not like I can jack an ethernet cable directly into my phone to create some static connection

the only problem it could be is a communication issue from my phone to the E&P server and it does not get fixed with an un-install to re-install

just typing out that it is a wifi problem is not really helping at all here

Go in the app settings in your phone. Click on the game and clear cache NOT DATA.

If that dont work go to your phone settings and clear your phone cache NOT DATA.

Then turn off wifi and try to connect. Then try with wifi ( u should get a new signal )

Full disclosure I am no expert and don’t know :poop: but this helped me. Either way I’m not responsible :laughing:

Good luck.
:popcorn: :beer:


I’ve got to say, It’s pretty annoying watching tiles take 10 second to make it up the screen.

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@Mistress_of_Shadows well cache clearing did nada

my problem isn’t a wifi issue because I play E&P through my phone’s standard connection anyways

and this post got flagged instead of a rep actually communicating with me in trying to address the issue

this is my shocked face :o

like I said, I didn’t expect much from those guys to begin with so …


Well, theres a new update out. Hope that helps. Other than that… All I can offer is :popcorn: and :beer: and well wishes.


Wanted to say I am experiencing the same issues both on android and android emulator on gaming computer. Defiantly their server as everything else runs fine. Perhaps too many events, quest on a constant daily basis and they are running out of space heh?

This is completely false.

You need online access for certain things… Login, start/end battles and stages… Occasional handshake during battles and stages, etc. But a ton of stuff happens locally including much of what you are saying causes your phone to freeze.

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While this is true, it still doesn’t prove anything you are saying. A huge portion of this game runs locally on your phone.

Almost all of your issues scream your phone.

I have NONE of those problems.

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Lucky you, I’m running on an emulator mostly (which I confess is not a tidy housekeeper). I usually restart after it has cached 4GB of game play. Makes no difference, it runs fine then slows to a crawl and then speeds up to normal and might not appear again for 30 minutes. It’s a software issue imo. I was watching a building animation the other day and it was just plain bizarre.

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