Your game server has serious problems

I’m constantly getting game freezes on my Android phone while playing Empire & Puzzles

honestly getting tired of it seeing as there has been no server fix in like 3 friggen months on your end

this problem stems from a communication issue on your side because half the time any visual special effect that goes off instantly freezes my game, glitches it out, or even removes all numbers on my screen then crashes a moment later

it is quite annoying really when it happens during Titan battles, War battles, normal map battles, scrolling through map, scrolling through base, scrolling through my hero roster, and heck just logging in sometimes freezes the screen -_-

don’t ask me to uninstall and reinstall because I’ve done that like 10 times already and problem still persists

and don’t tell me that there is a problem on my phone because I have NO issue running my phone with these crazy freezes on anything else other than Empires & Puzzles

is there a quick fix for this crap? if not then you need to log this issue as a big ■■■ problem for Android phone players

I mean I can’t even do Mystic Visions anymore because your server cannot link the dumb ads to my phone without locking it

it takes me around 10-20 tries to finally get an ad to play through but even then it can kill my game shortly afterwards to where it doesn’t register

I mean THIS is just beyond annoying at this point

because within 10 minutes of playing your game, I’m having to relog in 5-6 times within that same period due to this bugging out ■■■■

and I’m zeroing out in half my alliance contributions with no way to reconcile bugged out plays

honestly not really expecting any real help here, considering the development of this game, but is there anyone out there who knows how to correct this issue without being told obvious crap like re-installing that still won’t work?

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My game works great - sorry I can’t help!

mine is also unbearable laggy but since the last update only - like a lot of people also does.

Staff already said they’re looking for the cause to fix… Slow f!@#s for sure, tho. I wonder if they would take that long if buying system was down. Support and contact always were trash so all we can do is wait.

Also, it´s weekend. They must be resting.
Best for u.

Strange, I wa under the impression any server communication only took place when the battle was finished, that the battle itself took place locally. Maybe it’s an issue with compatibility with your phone.

Not that your phone is at fault, but there are a million different brands to support and something may have been missed. I’d open a support ticket specifying the issue and your phone specs.


@nevarmaor a support ticket? seriously, that’s laughable

reporting a bug in-game brings you to a separate page for you to make a post on this very forum

it is why I never bothered to make a ticket before because there is no point to it with the way it is set up

but yeah your impression of it was wrong because any server disconnects are considered a non-play thus anything you do gets counted as a 0, despite item use or progress done in a stage or vs match

yet whatever energy counter is used to make that play still gets subtracted

to say it is annoying is an understatement

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Server disconnects count as a zero at the end of the battle. If there are issues with freezing DURING the battle it is likely not because of server disconnects. I have had the dreaded spinning wheel show up as my phone reconnects in the middle of a battle only to continue and win the battle. But that is an internet connection issue, not a server connection issue.

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that’s why I’m saying it is a server side communication issue

and it is tied into the graphics of this game when either a certain visual pops up or enough tiles combo that causes some ‘overload’ freeze

it is like my phone is running too fast for their server to keep up with

like my Myztero’s special use always glitches the game, or when Creeping Vines goes off it always locks up the game

I mean the fact I can’t even do Mystic Visions shows my problem is rooted in some server side link that the devs still have not fixed in months for Android users

From playing on multiple devices I’ve always found it’s about the device and internet connection. When I use an iphone8 or newer on wifi or decent non WiFi connection it’s always good.


And I’m saying all the graphics are run locally because the game would not run if every battle required server side communication for every move. All the server needs to get is the end result of the battle.

As I recall this is why the devs once said that having a replay option for war hits would be difficult to implement. They would have to add in server side communication for the actual battle progress.

If it IS graphics glitches causing the problems then it is a game issue but likely not a server issue. Thus my suggestion to open a support ticket as it would be specific to your brand of phone or your phone’s specific graphic driver.


@nevarmaor then if everything runs locally on my phone (supposedly) then why can’t I load Mystic Vision ads and why the hell does the problem persist when I do normal ■■■■ like scrolling through my hero roster? or game freeze on map scrolling? or game freezes when I scroll through my base without clicking on anything at all?

NOTHING is running player side because if all these things ran locally without the E&P server, then there would no reason to have constant online access to trigger ALL these things in the first place

that is just a BS excuse the devs are giving you (us) to hide their own server deficiency

again, nothing runs locally on this game as you have to first connect to it and maintain that connect to further play it

@Ruskin505 yet none of these disconnects happen on my phone on any other program

only Empires & Puzzles

… odd right?


Again, if nothing ran locally this game would run at a snail’s pace and use huge amounts of data. You are confusing maintaining a server connection with running on the server. The two are different.

The Mystic Vision is a separate issue.

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I find the game annoyingly sensitive to the quality of the internet connection. My choices out here in rural US are satellite and cellular and the satellite connection even in good weather can be kind of packet-y.

I wish there was a way to pause what I’m doing to seek a better connection and then resume, as opposed to just killing it and giving me a zero :shrug:


I have the opposite problem where empires and puzzles is never the problem for me.

I’m guessing other games are more optimized (or require less power so to speak) for your device.


This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

We are arguing completely different things here and you are not getting what I am saying. You seem to think the game runs entirely on the server and I don’t.

Good luck.


Everybody just calm down :laughing: yes the game lags since the update but they’re working on it. yes there could be issues with your phone, there could be issues with the proxy, there could be aliens coming down and beaming intelligent life-forms that were supposed to be fixing the game. :thinking:

Annoying for sure but not life endangering kick back relax eat a Snickers have some :popcorn: and :beer: and eventually it will get fixed. :blush:


@Mistress_of_Shadows problem is I zero out most of the time I play E&P now

just had 2 War hits - with my best squads no less - crash and gave me no contribution towards the team effort

I can’t hit half the Titans because their specials auto-freeze my game

heck I lock up just doing normal ■■■■ in the game that doesn’t trigger off any fancy visuals

it is just unplayable for me atm

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Hate to say it my friend but i have no filter. There is no way that is all sg. A lag … Yes. Not showing flags at the top. … Yes. But all that? Either u have cached at maxed capacity or there is a wifi issue. Sorry to say it but have u tried playing without wifi on?

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