Your game is so addictive it's causing pain

My mom called me down stairs to help her with something. I was in the middle of a raid and started walking down to see what she wanted. I hit the side of the steps and fell onto (yes fell onto) my giblets. Can you make the raids actions faster? If not you all could just get a laugh with this one.


I bet that caused a war cry you won’t ever want to repeat…


shin guards, knee pads, and a cup. perhaps E&P should add them to the shop for purchase.


Yes im having lots of fun with this game. It is highly addictive.


@Liono421 Same! :grinning:

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Yeah, you definitely have to find anything else, that would allow you to digress time to time.

When I need to relax from games, I simply consider about taking some co2 extraction, cause it’s one of the few things, that can help with it. I’ve tried a lot of hobbies, but they didn’t give any effect about it. It’s very important for each of us to feel relaxed after hard day, and no matter were you playing or working all day long.

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