Your favourite things? It's an idea!

Someone said somehing the other day day and i gave it no real credit but i will try to be be positive and start something that could be fun! This is for all people like you and me, not just the ‘names’ And totally pg!

Share something that you love and that could be a lesson to us all! Like this!! Start at 49:10?


Slight redirect; Per the #forum-rules the favourite things should be game related:

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I am in the wrong cattegory! General discussion? Oh please!!!??? I am clearly a recidiavist!! (what an hilarious typo)

EDIT @ Guvnor, @ zephyr. you could move it?

I like playing E&P while listening to music, sunsets and long walks on the beach

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Is that really a rule?.. seems more like a “guideline” because it’s broken every three posts.


Some comments veer off into the non-EP regions yes but preference is to not have entire topics off-topic if you will

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@Guvnor I appreciate that. I was inspired to try to be positive! I tried! If you cannot link to what I posted to the forum and the game, you are on your own!

Harpoons in titans and whiskers on Greymane
Bright copper telescopes and cascading combo chains
Crafting more arrows with iron and string
These are a few of my favourite things

Rare-colored tigers; a shiny gold token
Downloading updates that fix where it’s broken
Wild ducks that fly with the moon on their wings
These are a few of my favorite things

When the boss bites, when the loss stings
When the boards are bad
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don’t feel so bad


Bless you for reference awesomeness!

EDIT: please don’t ask! Go away; do the google thing! That was a piece of art in feal time! I am dumbstruck!

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Huzzah to the Bard, pitching the save


I am flagging this because I am punchy and out of likes and @JonahTheBard is a moderator who can read flags.

Actually, that sounds like a terrible idea, maybe I will just reply instead.

But just replying
does not seem epic enough.

Plus I now want @Petri to convince marketing to set this to music and have Richard sing it in a new TV spot.


Perhaps we could convince @KLinMayhem…he must have infinite amounts of free time now


Gryphonkit, my wife, approves.


That is supremely gratifying, I do consider her extremely well discerning, based on your descriptions of her :blush:




I’m now forced to play this song… and perhaps watch the movie. It is suppose to be a dreary day… nothing better than a cozy couch and a classic movie.

It’s one of my favorite things.


this is epic… now all you have to do is change “geese” to “ducks” and it’ll be completely legendary :wink:


Amazing!!! 20 times amazing



I thought about it at the time and then had a mental block about whether they quacked or honked


I was feeding a couple of my lesser heroes earlier and i suddenly realised: this must be Sumle’s dad! (assume i’m colour blind for a second). Start, 0:50 and 2.52!! This one is much older than that Sumle whippersnapper! (credit to @Rohn for that expression i think)

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