Your experience with Tc20

HI everyone, i was curious about your experience with Tc20… I know someone that in 5 months never found a 5* hero… Honestly i start to think is a bug, because ok the % but in 5 months nothing is frustrating.
Thanks for who like to share his experience :blush:


5 month with no 5* might be frustrating, but 4 x Azlar, 5 x Elena, 4 × Horghall, 4 x Quintus and no Lianna is just as frustrating, maybe even more… actually it took all the joy from seeing yet another useless slow 5* spawning from it… I doubt anyone would ascend more than one of a kind slow 5* hero…


I have done 890 TC20 trainings and I have received:
697 3*, 144 4* and 49 5* (78%, 16%, 6%).


I think what impressed me the most is that you have that data recorded!!

49 5s… doesn’t sound too bad. How many horghalls and thornes in that total?

Here’s my last haul…


6 Thornes and only one Horghall, actually :smile:


I share my recorded data (including hero details) in the thread I linked above.


Pulled my first TC20 on Oct 10 of last year. That was 261 days ago, so approximately 130 +/- Got Sartana Nov 7, and thought woohoo TC20 is great!

And no 5* since… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Yes, Eeyore is my E&P personality for a reason :rofl:

I’ve been in alliances with some of those lucky people that are on the opposite end of the bell curve from me, the ones that pull 3 5* from TC20 in the first month, so I know they exist…

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Just realize that today I completed my 500th TC20 training:


Tomorrow is my 500th pull (between two camps).

3* 390 78.2%
4* 89 17.8%
5* 20 4.0%

First 5* was 14th pull, 2nd was 22nd pull (both happened to be Khagan).
Biggest gap was the 3rd, 115th pull (93 pulls between 2nd and 3rd 5*) who was Marjana.
Shortest gap was 4 pulls.
With Green and Blue at 23%, Purple at 20%, Red and Yellow at 17%.

Yes some are Thorne (2) but no Horghall, but others are great and I have leveled multiple to either 3.70 or 4.80.
Marjana, Vivica, and Kadilen all maxed
Sartana is at 3.70 but will be maxed (just got the costume also)
Khagan, Joon, and Magni are also at 3.70


Thank you all😊, your answers are very interesting, thank you😊

I posted a while back of my 1st 500 pulls from TC20…if I remember correctly, my rate was slightly higher than the expected rate for 5*.

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The best way seems to be to pull in 10s like you would in a portal the odds seem to even put better I’ve had 7 5 star heroes so far from about 120 pulls but my luck is bad as the first 5 in a row were Lianna the next 2 were magni

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Actually, that is not true, there is no significant difference between pulling 1 by 1 or 10 at once. I pull 1 by 1 and my 5* rate is exactly 5% (from total 500 pulls).

There are some people in my alliance who believe the 10 pull myth but their record is worse than mine. Of course there are someone who is better but that proves that it is afterall random.

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5 months :rofl::rofl:

So I’m close to reaping 210 heroes from CT 20, that of last October, just a MAGNI. My complaint arrived the very next day, even ironic complains one day the next comes a hero

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489 Total

3* 370 75.7%
4* 93 19.0%
5* 26 5.3%

Longest streak with non-5* is 88.
On three occasions had back-to-back 5*s or one day separated.

In order of appearance rate:
(3x) Richard, Thorne, Magni
(2x) Quintus, Domitia, Lianna, Elkanen, Justice
(1x) Vivica, Leonidas, Joon, Isarnia, Elena, Khagan, Horghall

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my longest dry stretch was 143 trainings - almost 5 months (I run 2 TC20 at the same time with almost the same collect time). my shortest one was just the next training.
TC20 is the best source of 5* in game!

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How do you pull that up in that format? I see that all the time, but mine doesn’t look like that.


There are many already existing discussion threads relating to TC20.

Feel free to use the :mag: function and find them…


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