Your craziest team?

My team for all Paladin class quests:

Should go pretty well. :laughing:


Better than 5 Thornes

I don’t know if you’re lucky or not. :joy: Maybe not so lucky.

Try to surround Boril with your highest HP targets so that they can reflect the most damage. In that lineup, I’d stick Rigard and Mel around him and the three-stars on the wings.

I know that’s probably your Fortitude team and so will probably struggle to do much damage, particularly on that last stage—if you bring axes, bombs, and dragon attacks, you should be able to blow through the bosses pretty easily.

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Thanks for the tips. If I attempt I’ll probably try to take out Viv first, then Horg then Boril.

Do you know how much health they have?

Probably like 3.5k apiece but i really didnt looked at their hp when ive fought them, more infos here:

I took out Horghall first [Horghall kinda committed suicide since i had Boril] then Vivica and finally Boril.

Thanking you again for all the tips! I was able to beat the last level w/ this awful, low-synergy team thanks to you

My pleasure, friend.

Revenged today against a guy with about 2200 cups.

His defense team was 5 Wu Kongs.

I am sure it was a cup drop but funny nonetheless.

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My favourite teams are those that deploy the Aife defence

I would really want to see an Aegir tank flanked by two Aifes

My fun team to take the monotony out if farm! Plus I like to just watch their cool effects :joy:

I don’t know about anyone else, but I have a team I use for farming that made of just for fun heros. I like their effects graphics or just a giggle like Rudolf! It sure helps take the monotony out of playing!

Show us yours if you have one!

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@Stormy There’s a thread you might like that was started a few days ago with a similar premise:

That one has so far focused mostly on funny class quest teams, but the original intention was broader. :slight_smile:

(@Kerridoc @Rook Possible Merge of Topic…maybe)


My crazy team is a group made up of 1*-5*.

I like raid for fun with this:

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The wilbur/wukong combo is deadly. Everytime I have a diamond on the board and activate wilbur then wukong it’s almost a guaranteed wipe of the enemy team.

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Fully buffed fun farmers…

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I came across a serious cup dropper.

This was a revenge raid.

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here is my fun low-level farming team:

In one war, I ended up with this as my final team…

I actually ended up winning with about a 750TP deficit, due to a great starting board!


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