Your craziest team?

Share your funnest, craziest, most “how did this happen???” teams!

Especially now that the Hero Classes and emblem class quests are here, we can expect some surprising combinations to appear just because of the restrictions on using heroes.

But this topic shouldn’t be restricted to that. Maybe you have a fun farming team, or you like running a mono team. Whatever it is, let’s see what you got!

I’ll start. Trials of Fortitude (Druid and Cleric). I’m F2P, 4 months in so not much of a bench yet.

Literally the only team I could form:

still beat stage 2 though :slight_smile:

PS: never realized that both Hawkmoon and Belith seem to be rolling their eyes at the same person :slight_smile:

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I used to love hanging on to Boril, Elena, Wu Kong, and at least one healer for the end of wars, when I was in a pinch and all out of my tank stacks to use.

I’d find a defense that had a lot of attack-all or multi-attack heroes and then center up a healer to attack them with, typically a Kiril or Boldtusk, and flank him with Boril and Elena, and put Wu Kong and whatever else I had left on the corners. Other than Elena, all my damage came from riposte and from tiles.

It worked surprisingly well for what it was. Punched far above its weight class with a little help from the board gods.

Now that I have a much larger army of heroes to choose from, I don’t resort to it much anymore, but it was a lot of fun.


My class’ rooster:

My team:

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Lucky you !
I have only Sha Ji as an allowed Hero.
Needless to say, I was quickly defeated on the first stage. :sweat_smile:


Craziest team you say? :joy:
I’ve finished trials of fortitude with this team; wasnt easy lmao but i gotta give a shout out to my boy Melendor for keeping my team alive [even if Mnesseus left us in the 4th round :sweat_smile:] and especially to man Boril, which was basically the only one to do some damage with that deadly perfect riposte; that ish was a real trap for Horghall :joy: *

*Used 4 axe attacks and 5 bomb attacks.

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For the Trials of Fortitude:

Never have I been so glad that I maxed Guardian Owl! :laughing:

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My team for the latest class quest is Melia, Rigard, Caed, Melendor and Mnesseus

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Groot (3/70)
Zimkitty (2/10)

Used minor mana and minor heal.

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I rather suspect most people’s craziest team will be for the Trials of Fortitude. There is an overabundance of healers in the two available classes. I used 3 healers and low-level Horghall and Caedmon just to have some residual hitting power. My top 5 available heroes were 4 healers and Boril. I haven’t tried the challenging level yet …

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@KalosianPorygon sorry to hear that! Hope you get some good 3-stars soon. It took me a few months to collect my 3-stars too!:sweat_smile:

yeah! and then there are some classes with no healers…

and then we have the Paladin class, with half the class being Blue!

My team for all Paladin class quests:

Should go pretty well. :laughing:


Better than 5 Thornes

I don’t know if you’re lucky or not. :joy: Maybe not so lucky.

Try to surround Boril with your highest HP targets so that they can reflect the most damage. In that lineup, I’d stick Rigard and Mel around him and the three-stars on the wings.

I know that’s probably your Fortitude team and so will probably struggle to do much damage, particularly on that last stage—if you bring axes, bombs, and dragon attacks, you should be able to blow through the bosses pretty easily.

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Thanks for the tips. If I attempt I’ll probably try to take out Viv first, then Horg then Boril.

Do you know how much health they have?

Probably like 3.5k apiece but i really didnt looked at their hp when ive fought them, more infos here:

I took out Horghall first [Horghall kinda committed suicide since i had Boril] then Vivica and finally Boril.

Thanking you again for all the tips! I was able to beat the last level w/ this awful, low-synergy team thanks to you

My pleasure, friend.

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