Your chance to win 1800 gems!

Are you sick and tired of staying stagnant with your alliance? Are you fed up fighting and losing to low level titans? Is your alliance lame and mostly silent? Are you done with sharing an alliance with inactive players? Do you want a chance to win 1800 gems?

If the answer to any of these are yes then come join the 25th Marik Militia. We are a strong alliance with 7 spots left. We communicate and kick out any inactive players to ensure everyone does thier part. Full of fun and insightful banter and information to see you succeed.

Oh and the 1800 gems will be raffled off when the Alliance defeats it’s first 9* Titan. A total of $20 will be transfered via PayPal, cash app, Zelle, etc.

Stop lounging with losers and come be a winner

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