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I am at level 32 now and my stronghold already on 20 level.
So now I need to decide how many and which kind of buildings do I need.
Can you write down how much of every building do you have?

Everyone gets the same distribution of buildings. The only question is what do you level first.

At SH20, you can build:
Training camp x 4
Forge x 4
House x 4
Mine x 4
Farm x 9
Iron storage x 5
Food storage x 4
Watchtower x 1
You can convert one of those buildings (usually a forge) to a barracks, and back.


Don’t worry, build every thing. You have limit for every building (4 training camp, 9 farms etc. etc. and you can’t build more). Max your TC, 2-3 farms, and 1 of every building type for gems

After your SH20 is done you better get 1 TC to 20 … then max all the farms to 20.
Then max the Food/Iron storages cause TC20 gets much food.
Then Max the houses
Then max another TC20.
Then max the Watchtower it gives great amount of resources.
Then Max 1 Forg to 20.
After that its up to you to max every thing cause you will get bored when nothing else to do specially if you are on VIP


The only building that you currently get a choice on is which one to convert into a barracks.

Everyone gets the same buildings, you can’t build any more than the pre-set number of each so just build everything.

Next starting maxing your TC while getting your iron storages to 18. After that work on a second TC20 while leveling your farms.

If you haven’t already started every plot of land as it became available you have been losing a lot of resources, get them going now.

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You don’t have to max houses if you use the Training camps to store recruits/food.

Using training camps to store recruits and food is convenient, but, i find myself always using all available food. Whether it’s a hero that needs to ascend to the next level or making more potions?
Spending the time upgrading your houses and food storage is not that ridiculous.

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True, I have everything in my base maxed out. Everything has value, but the houses /food storage should not be upgraded to level 20 before the watchtower, forge or training camps in my opinion.

I guess each has their own route. I’m spreading out my leveling. I got my first tc20, but I’m waiting till i get a second tc19 before i research it.
I really don’t understand how people are banking so many recruits? I end up using all mine to make heros. But, then i use all my swords and packs and currently only one of my TCs is running 11 constantly.


You can save up tons of food in TC11
Its slow traning so the food gatherd there are increasing with every new + hero add to your tc11.
When you need to get some food for Ascend you can (-) your TC11 to get the amount you need.
But if your houses are not maxed your recruites wont find a “house” to store in and you will have to either losing them or just stop pulling the food out.

I guess the most i ever had saved is 700 recruits. Maybe i just get lucky with my sword and pack drops? I prefer higher cost, shorter time method. But, i only have 5 day’s worth of recruits sitting in tc11. All others get used. I’ll pull out of there if i get more packs and swords.
I actually never have storage problems? Maybe with iron, but then I’m one of those crazy players who doesn’t use many battle items. So, if i need to use up iron or food, I’ve got enough crafting items to quickly restock on those that i do use. Banners, mana and health pots, axes, bombs and such. :slight_smile:

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I love your 3.5k gems TBH xD

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I have vip and then i bought the 3000 gem deal with gloves and rings. I’m balling.

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