Your Biggest Ascension Regrets?

Obviously a huge part of this game is the investment in time and, for most of us, some amount of money to acquire and level up legendary heroes. It’s hard enough to draw a legendary, but it’s even harder to gather the materials you need to ascend them. It can take, easily, six months to a year’s worth of work, even if you spend regularly on the game. (I’m not talking about those players with more money than they know what to do with—clearly such obstacles are just a speed bump for them, not a wall.) But for most of us, the choice of who to ascend with those hard-earned resources can be painful.

So who do regret ascending the most? What heroes have you maxed out only to all but immediately regret the decision?


Hu Tao probably. I’ve ascended him to full, but still isn’t maxed, and outside of wars and occasional RT I never use him, since I got Ranvir and Jackal maxed. Ranvir himself maybe qualifies as well since he makes me miss often which is annoying with Jackal/Falcon/Wilbur. Especially since I’ve got Miki.


Yes, Ranvir has proven to be a short-lived folly. Still my +attack hero on purple titans, but otherwise a back-bencher.

Thoth-Amun is another hero I would like to unascend. He was my only purple 5* for a long time, so I finally pulled the trigger and ascended him. Unimpressive.


For me, the first to come to mind are Horghall and Inari.

I never use Horghall. Ever. Without pausing to think, I can name 20+ better tanks, and defensive tank is the only role he’s suited for in the game. His tile damage is a joke, he’s too slow to fire, and when he does it’s too late to be helpful and more like throwing weeds at someone than it is like calling upon nature to hold them down. He’s awful, and as great as his artwork is, I’ve hated that I ascended him from nearly day one.

Inari is deceptively enticing to ascend because she seems on paper like she might be good. She’s not. She’s too slow to be viable, and even when you can get her off, it’s a coin flip as to whether or not she’ll be useful. Almost every time I take her into a fight and charge her special, I’m wishing in that moment that she could kill something. But she can’t. She’s just going to sit there and maybe do a little dance that’ll prolong everyone’s death. Maybe. But probably not.

Anzgogh is another I can’t stand. He’s another that seems on paper like he might be alright, but the longer into a fight you go with him, the more useless he becomes. And since he charges so €*#@%< slowly, he’s going to feel continually subpar. You’ll be happier to fire virtually every other fire hero’s special than you will be watching Anz’s cool animation do not a whole lot.

Lower on my list of regrets, having played the game now daily for years: Kestrel, Richard, Margaret, Justice, and Quintus. There are others who are bad that I have but haven’t ascended, and more who I don’t own and wouldn’t dream of pulling the trigger on, but I won’t speak to them, as I don’t have firsthand experience of what a terrible, awful choice I made. :sweat_smile:


Horgall is a big sack off %^}#$&. Most leveled 4*’s are better than him fully 80 leveled.


I got asked once “Horghall, what can you use him for?”. My Response: “Firewood”

My biggest regrets in levelling are Justice and Thoth, and maybe Leo.

  • Justice. Slow and not really that useful outside of tanking. But when you have Guinevere she doesn’t see much tank anymore, even with emblems to Level 7. When she does, she is serviceable enough but nobody is better than Guinevere

  • Thoth. He just tickles the enemy to death. Hard to kill, but just has no killing power. At least he is fast I guess. I find myself using Tibs or a 3/70 Panther in my mono purple instead. A waste of tabards

  • Leo. I still use him quite a bit, and have another on the bench, but I wish he hit harder. I pressed the ascend button on him, and a week later got Guinevere in a single pull. Took me a few more months to get the darts for her, so there was some regret there


I’m still not sure why but I maxed rumple. Now as blue is my weakest colour there is regret. I should have saved mats for misandria

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I’m planning on ascending vivica. Does anyone have any regrets ascending her?

If you don’t have any other five star healers I’d say she is a good choice. I don’t have any five star healers (unless you count Guin) and would definitely like to ascend her if I got the chance


Don’t hv any 5 star healers.
Ive always wanted her.

Its just that after getting her, I’m starting to think actually rigard does the same job (minus the +def), charges faster (Ave vs slow mana), and is faster to lvl.

I hv 1 rigard currently levelling another

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Don’t have her, but she is I believe only 5* healer that can be obtained from TC20. She is more efficient at healing than current HoTM even with speed taken in account. Plus she is prettier :star_struck:. Other healers are either HoTM, who can be only obtained from Atlantis portal when they get there with LOW probability or Ariel to which the same applies. So I would go with her, honestly.

Edit: As for Rigard, he may heal approximately the same, but he is less durable and in general has lower stats. That is important once you start encountering 5* teams. I have maxed+emblemed Rigs too but even then I’ll have to skip to some 5* healer at one moment or another. Ditto for BT.


No one at the mo! Got good advice from here! But that can be my downfall aswell! As got a 2 red at 3/60 but I want a Wilbur I’d rather use mats on that plus emblems! Maxing ghost girl she’s getting elmbens too only other 4* dark I got! N sorcerer

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I definitely wouldn’t count Guin as a healer. She doesn’t heal fast enough or enough heroes to function the way you want a healer to.

She’s a defensive tank. That’s it. In every role—just about anywhere else in a defensive team, against titans, attacking in raids or wars or events or quests, and she’s the worst. (Which is why it annoys me that SG keeps creating heroes who compare to her as a tank—Kutch, the Queen of Hearts, Aegir—who are also clutch in other aspects of the game. If Guin is going to only be good at one ■■■■ thing, then she should be the best at it. If not, throw her a bone and make her decent, at least, for some other purpose… But maybe I’m spoiled, lol.)

Yunan and Marjana are my biggest regrets. Yunan’s too slow for my taste and Marjana doesn’t hit hard enough. Both still get used though

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She’s alright but too slow to be the primary healer on your team. I just maxed her out of boredom

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Currently leveling :
FML :rofl:

Just kidding, i don’t regret maxing them yet :joy:

Hu Tao + LJ are probably the only one that i wouldn’t ascend if i could go back in time. Ascended them after the first VFast RT 4* and… well… they are bench warmer :rofl:


I’m using her on purple tank raids in diamond with some success, so not useless, but not that great either


I’m loving Anzogh though. Wilbur+Falcon+Anzogh is a deadly combo in Wars!


Why LJ? I already plan to levelup LJ, now at 3rd tier, do you prefer 2nd Melendor or 2nd Caedmon over LJ? My maxed green: Melendor, Caedmon, Hansel, Jack O’Harre.
And I think I want more variety, already plan for slow hero for tournament, and LJ hit hard. And also I plan to level Hu Tao and Colen later on in my list.

I bring LJ to all my green stacks.
Its either him or margeret…

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