Your best all slow/very slow/omg wake the hell up! team

If you were to field a team that was comprised of only of misfit heros that the fastest cards allowed were slow - who would you choose, in what positions and why?

  • any troops you want, let’s assume they were midpoint in their development and growing (ie 4* were lvl 15)

-must be rainbow - feel free to list dups or alternates

-if offense, what changes would you make for defense? Vice versa

Lastly - once you’ve taken the field with your lethargic band of misfits - what changes would you make if:

For every upgrade in mana speed to one, you have to downgrade another

(Example: Isarnia -> Grimm, Kunchen -> Wolf)

(Let’s go straight up Oprah on Wu Kong - everyone gets him as an alternate… so he’s not a perm fixture)

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I also have another Gunnar.
Yeah, my options for Slow skills are very limited.

EDIT: Aaaaand I realized 3* Trainer Heroes have an Average speed instead of Slow like the 1* and 2* ones. D’oh!

Alberich - Isarnia - Elena - Quintus - Vivica


North/Alby - Isarnia - Santa - Quintis - Owl

Isarnia is the only slow Ice 5*, so 1/5 of the team’s slots is kinda forced

for both defense and offense, mana troop EvErYwHeRe:

I can’t follow both of these rules… :frowning:

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Doh -

Feel free to list non rainbow variations - mostly wanted to avoid the 2 Azlars, 2 Alberich and a Kunchen combos :slight_smile:

Know there aren’t a ton of slow blues (for example) -
Would you move one hero to average, if it meant you had to also swap in a very slow somewhere else?

I would surely like to put Inari as Boss Wolf’s right flank:

She would speed up the team and with Mother North and Santa Claus would turn the defense into a bunker.


I was going to start this, but @Vixx beat me to it long ago.

So, here’s my team of tortoises, slow snails of meandering mana.

How do you think they’ll fair?

I often use isarnia and Elena together on attack and they are fabulously brutal.

Also, I’ll have Viv maxxed in a few days. Could she be squeezed in?


This was my war defense in last 5* rush attack tournament. My most effective tournament defense so far :smile:

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I kind of wish they either changed the V. Fast tourney to V. Slow, or added a ‘Very Slow’ tourney condition to the rotation.

At a first glance, it would seem to be a very similar type of tournament. However, the difference between stressing about 2 matches before the fireworks and being able to manipulate the board a number of turns would help alleviate some RNG problems. I would very much like to point and laugh at a very slow Kageburado.


Just got the 6th ring for azlar so he’s next .

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My Slow heros:


2x Yuan



2x Boss Wolf

Supporting cast changes – but stacking up multiples is fun –


Results are tasty…


(Love to see what you could do with that unblemished Mono team, special Rooster pic – happy Christmas lol)

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I don’t think I have enough rage and wheaties to kill this team if MN goes off –

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