Your best 2018 Mod&Staff!

I’m not really impressed by either.

Best is to make a poll with hidden votes :slight_smile: this is my input.


The moderators are all good! Helpful, and moderating without overdoing it, many times with a good portion of humour and always friendly. That being said, I think I better point at @Rook :smile:


Ok if were being honest how the heck can we have favorite staff other than to brown nose??? Do we ever get a response from staff???

Uhhhhh hello??? Thats like never!!! How many times we tag petri or the likes with any response.

The only staff i have ever had any sort of response from or conversation with was J.o.

When theres a technical issue hes the one to actuallu talk to people as if sg actually cared about any users. You could say they dont talk cuz the influx of questions theyd have etc. but youd think they would have one staff hired just to talk to us for pr???

So yeah, sg staff are not what I would call very helpful. Or involved.

If a movie theaters staff were as silent as these guys do you think people would be going to see movies that often?

Well this game is no different. Its just another form of entertainment.

We do need to be honest here. The staff is anything but helpful 99% of the time.

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As for moderators… all of them. They do their best and keep a good forum. They even tell me why i get muzzled so often. Rook and kerridoc are kind and responsive regularly

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I dislike noisy movie theater staff.

Just sayin’… :grin:


Hahahahaha. True dat!:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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@Kerridoc has my vote! He is also a excellent co-leader in our alliance…7DF

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Actually, I have received responses from staff in the forum…
So, I can’t say I agree with your post.
pssst… btw, I think @J.o. is not a ‘he’…


@Witch in case you didnt know im the most stubborn person you know. I also know everything.

If i called j.o a dude by accident then she is now a he!!!

When are people in this forum ever going to realize im never wrong??? Geeeez!

I can only speak for J.o, he/she(cant admit i was wrong lol) is the only person to handle my questions and Actually help me out.

Not sure about petri… ive never got a response from him.

Kerridoc is in 7DF???

Well crap! Now i cant like him! None iutside your alliance can!!!

Wow, my day just keeps getting worse


Lol…I think all moderators and staff members are great…they do a real good job!!!


Whichever staff member wants to take credit for me landing five Wu Kongs in 2018 gets my vote :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ll say @Rook in order to cement my faith to the alliance. And then @Petri due to the fact I’ve seen the name drop more often than others.


Worse and worse, I’m on the 7D Council.

Is seriously. These votes should be secret.

This is not personal but @Petry is the staff member that I see the most.

With the first moderator that I found was with @Rook and I advise myself quite well.

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7D council??? Its just a game??? :man_facepalming:t2:

:joy::joy::joy: to each his own. With the website you guys have its a great venue to write off the hobby on your taxes. Lords knows that $…k writeoff i coulda taken in 2017 woulda been nice!!!

Buuuuut ive been know to start business just so i can write off hobbies to.

@Kerridoc all joking aside… if im out of line just say so. But the curiosity is eating at me now. I was wondering if you have a normal day job or if you make a living with 7D and all??? I mean your on here a lot and i can think of a million ways you guys could make money at it with the ads and such on the site. And maybe 7D is a part of sg??? Who knows. Just morbidly curious.

No offense meant at all, but it doesnt hurt to ask???

7DD isn’t part of SG; members have spoken counter to SG at previous points in the game history…if you’ve been around long enough, you’ve seen it.

That said, a gamer group can get along with the Devs and not be in their back pocket. The next time SG does something you like, ask yourself if you’re on the take. :wink:

~ My personal (gamer) opinion, not official stuff :slight_smile:

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