Your Atlantis really sucks

i done 6 pulls on atlantis . All are 3*!!

Really suckssssssss

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I did 10x and got ALL 3*. P****d.

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I did 30 and got one 4*

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The chances for pulling 4* or 5* are always listed in the summons gate. You know what you’re getting into when pulling heroes.

46 pulls… Mitsuko, Wilbur x2, Zimkitha x2, Joon, and a bunch of feeders

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guys. is random. get used to it

I got 9 3 stars and finished with Zeline so I’m happy with the results for once.

You guys should be saving your money. New Atlantis 5* heros will eventually be available regularly in every atlantis summons like tarlak, misandra, and mok-arr are now. This is 2nd time we’ve seen ares. We’ll see Zeline again and even if we don’t, would you really give her tonics over Evelyn?

Also black friday tomorrow = most likely goin to be gem sells

Xmas calendar comin up = more bang for your buck, plus season heros you can only get annually(ones your pulling for now will be seen again before next christmas)

Spend wisely…


I just noticed 5* atlantis heroes non featured has only a 0.2% chance of being summoned. Good luck on tarlak

Eh i ignore the percentages. I just assume i have .00000000001% of getting anything good, then if i do pull somethin good it’s a surprise, and if dont then it’s expected and not disappointing


So last night / early morning before I went to sleep, Atlantis showed up and saw 2 new Atlantis heroes, Ares popped his small head back in, Zeline makes first Atlantis appearance, Tarlak, Misandra, and Mok-Arr back in, hmm the pool widened so I had 200 Atlantis coins and decided to give them a pull.

  1. Carver, so much for increased chances of S2 stuff.
  2. Gill-Ra, not great, but at least I didn’t draw her before, adds to collection

Tried the first few levels before that swirling mess of hair that Ariel has made it hard to keep looking at the screen and just decided to call it quits. If I am diligent enough, I may have another 100 Atlantis coins before Atlantis is gone again this time around, but not holding my breath for something good.

Just like @Rigs said, keep your expectations in check, and you will not feel disappointed with whatever results you get.


I want them all… but since the developers have conditioned me to know that the chance to pull anything decent is close to zero, I only used my Atlantis tokens… and got only 3* lol

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