Your alliance sucks: Ultimate Recruitment Video

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Good one. One small glitch though, the ‘alliance’ spelling is wrong in the opening, lol.

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Yes, just like recruitment is spelled wrong as well. I do that on purpose to see if anyone is paying attention (or, I am just an incredibly terrible typist and should not be producing first thing in the morning. :slight_smile: )


p.s. good work on the testdrives, though


Sometimes the internets make one actually laugh… out … loud … :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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@JekylandHyde I notice something.

At 1:19 “…by most time limiting the alliance to 24 members…”"


But at 2:43, your alliance already has 27 members.

So, does that mean your alliance want to kick someone after the recruitment, right ? :rofl:.

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Your thread title caught my eye @JekylandHyde. :wink:

Nice recruitment video. :+1:


We are loading up for Mythic Titan. Some members know they are not staying and some regular mamber may be opting to move on.

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Thank you! I appreciate that!

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Lol fun… Now not all level 90 plus are the same, I’d probably be one of the weakest level 90s out there in terms of roster. Most people this level seem to be or we’re heavy spenders, I am not.

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