Your advice on making a team?

I can’t add a new topic (You May not have been on the Forum long enough yet (it requires you to read a certain number of posts, and reply to a number of posts before you can make your own thread.)) so i will ask you here about heroes. What you think, create team of this heroes or wiating something better??? i don’t want to waste assend item’s :frowning:

Looks like you intended to post a picture or something. Suggestion: use the thread Opinions please for this query.

It helps to know what kind of team you are assembling: Titans? Raid offense? Raid Defense? War (defense)?

Are these all the heroes you have? Some of these heroes are worth leveling no matter what, depending who you are. Let’s divide them:

Blue: Perseus

Yellow: Leonidas, LiXiu

Green: Horghall, Kashrek

Purple: Domitia, Obakan, Rigard, Sabina

Red: Gravemaker, Khagan, Boldtusk, Gormek, Kelile

I want to level Gravemaker, Boldtusk and Rigard on first blush. There are others to raise here, but they may not be the best in those colors. The question is whether you are better off waiting (how quickly are you obtaining new 4/5* heroes?), or if you should use what you have. I’ll let the next person address that. :wink:

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