You won't complete Path of Valor #1 (Probably) Analysis, Complaining, and Suggestion

Yeah your suggestion make sense. I can start right now to avoid to use any regular summon (except for the daily one) and see if I can complete at least the tier BEFORE the last one (hoping I could complete 100% all the rest. I highly doubt I will be able to do all the raid battles. I already collected 2 lost this tournament :frowning: ).

However the problem is this solution is like an “unofficial gameplay patch” while the objectives should be reachable using a “standard gamplay route” (in other words summons should be actually doable within the rage of 50 days assuming you start without coins of any type).

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I am at level 40. The only thing left for me to earn rewards are Dailies, Defeat titans, Challenge events, and Summon Heros. There is still 15 days left. I finished the Raid task , Tournament task, weeks ago. .

With the rewards for level 50 being the same as awards you get from monster chests, I guess its not really that big of a deal to finish it anyway.

If you finish all of the Valor challenges you should reach level 50 by the end.

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WHOA WHOA WHOA, you get guaranteed scopes and rings from your monster chests?


You don’t? You must have one of the accounts marked for bad luck.


don’t give up you got this

Well honestly I can’t say it the prizes are less than a regular monster chest. I do not see a SINGLE 4* items from about MONTHS in any RARE chest (neither regular ones, obliouvsly)

While I am criticizing the unbalancement in the current P.O.V I can’t honestly say that the total prize is less than a monster chest. However prize is too low for a 50-days long and too demanding in some points (I previously explained why, in my point-of-view, so I will not repeat them now).

My reply was to @KLinMayhem, and was a joke. Though i do believe the rewards if you complete it and pay for the pass are better than the monster chests over the same period, I also totally agree that the way they have set it up is ridiculous and not worth it for many.

I’m not reading 850+ posts, so this may have been covered already…

On March 1st I finished the summons POV. Since it was finished, I decided to get a count on how many coins I bring in daily.

Since March 2nd, I have spent 0 coins. I had zero ETT, zero silver tokens, and 2 EHT.

Starting March 2nd I have received the following
Silver: 28
ETT: 7
EHT: 3
Total: 38

38/7= 5.4 tokens received daily (titan, monster/raidtitan chest, elemental chests, raid tournament, war loot…I think that’s it, nothing was purchased in this timeframe)

(Daily tokendays of POV)+50 daily free summons

But wait, POV is a 50 day cycle with 10 days between each one…

(saving your tokens in the gap between each POV)

  • (5.4*10)

Total summons without spending a dollar 324.

Not counted
+50 VIP
+X for whatever gem summons you do in 50 days (almost ALL players, even VIP summons a few times in a 50 day period)
+free costume portal summons from keys
+free S3 token summons
+free Atlantis summons from tokens
+free summons from challenge events

I am having a very hard time understanding how anyone could not finish this portion of POV if they are a daily player.



Anyway, Scavenge Resources quest give 1 Silver Token.

Tricky timing on the daily challenge to fight 3 quest stages. I’m finished Frostmarch and I had completed the Scavenge Resources for the summons.

Pirates doesn’t start for 22.5 hours. Scavenge Resources leaves in 13 hours.

This will be the longest I’ve had to wait to complete the daily challenge. Last time was 8 hours for a mystic vision. :persevere:


Agreed. Same. And we had a really early Titan kill and have another 12 hrs until the spawn


Yep, 8 hours for our titan, too. I hate not being able to do my daily quests immediately.

I am totally with you on the summons challenge. Only difference is I already had 125 silver coins saved up when PoV started, but I have already completed the summon challenge and already have 75 coins (2 EHT + 73 silver coins) saved which I am accumulating for the next PoV. I had been saving up lot of gems from November (and thanks to my amazing alliance mates for sharing gems in Christmas and Valentine’s day), so I was able to do 2x 10 pulls (so that gave me 20, which is not usual for me and I won’t be able to do it again for another 3-4 months at least). So if I have 145+ coins saved up before the next PoV starts (which I am sure I will), it will be breakeven for me and I will know that I would have still completed the thing without those 20 pulls.

And I haven’t done the costume pulls (I have 15 keys and atleast 20 more from the upcoming quests), but I am saving them all for the May HOTM. I am also saving my Atlantis summons (83 coins+) and Valhalla summons (240 coins+) for May (the ‘+’ indicates that I will be accumulating more as in the next 2 months). So I am pretty sure that I will be able to complete this challenge if it comes around again. Plus, a great feature of this challenge is that one can finish PoV even with doing 225 summons, instead of 275. So that saves 50 pulls if someone wants to.

PS: For those who don’t know me, I am a F2P player, so I get only one free summon every day. :slight_smile:

As of today, this is my progress in the PoV. And I have not done anything different for it, except for completing the daily challenges. The valor challenges got completed just by doing whatever I used to do normally.


Okay, but you are not too accurate,as I completed summoning!

I have these numbers on my main, but not on my alt. I don’t manage 2 monster chests daily there, I think, that’s the main difference…

If you have VIP and save daily silver tokens, do you lose the daily bonus token? I thought I read somewhere that you did, but I can’t find it now.

I’ve never heard that. Please copy the appropriate thread in here if you find it.

@rook I found the post I was remembering:

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VIP or not you cannot save up your daily summons. You can save up silver tokens. But Daily Summons are not tokens. They will show as ‘FREE’ on the button where you redeem them. If you do not use them before the next daily one is granted, you will lose them (2 if VIP, 1 if not) and only get the current day’s summon.