You won't complete Path of Valor #1 (Probably) Analysis, Complaining, and Suggestion

How it’s possible for someone to get the HOTM avatars already?? I got everything wich is possible until today and it’s still not there yet. How they made it??

Asked and mostly-answered here:

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Its possible with all nine titans killed.

Today they can. Cause they do all summons and all titan kills.

Not true!
RNG was trumped by brain and preparedness when I collected around 200 silver coins before the challenge started!

So if you were not preoared for this PoV prepare for the next! ( IF the quest is still there? ) :smile:

You should not give up the path of valor if you cant finish it. Get as much out of it as you can! :smile:

Phobos, disagree. This is called the 'Path if Valour for a reason. It’s for active players who play daily; it is not meant to accommodate everyone nor is it meant to be achieved by everyone. What you suggesting can be done much easier; just hand out a voucher for the goods in there and be done with it.


I’m F2P, and as I said elsewhere, I won’t make it on this POV.

That doesn’t mean I want a Participation Trophy. :wink: I’m not sure I am fully satisfied with the layout of Rewards this time around, but I’m not miserable with them either.


Yes, I will keep doing it (to get as many prizes as possible), but I wanted to be sure how far I can go without wasting resources. The summons will be impossible to finish even though I was trying to keep the chips for next time.

The answer was already given in this or PoV log thread. Keep all tokens you get and 1-2 days before and of PoV you will be able to calculate easily which reward you can achieve. Then you summon as amuch as you need and keep rest of tokens for the next PoV.

Anyway, you can click on any milestone and see how may point are needed to get it. As we know points for each tier of challenges (see the first post in 🧭 First Path of Valor Log and Discussion – Starts February 3) you can calculate which reward you can actually get.

How is that possible?

Answered here:

You won't complete Path of Valor #1 (Probably) Analysis, Complaining, and Suggestion - #724 by Rook

I just realized… SG is gonna be selling valor points.


How do you mean?

& where did you find that? (link/ source?)

I found this information deep within my cynicism :stuck_out_tongue:


Ahh, the voices in the head :wink:

There is actually a #ideas-feature-requests thread on “buying” PoV Points/ Stages at the end:


Oh man, I gave up on reading all this about half way through.

  1. This is a participation reward program. You shouldn’t expect to complete everything unless you are at least moderately developed.

  2. Extra effort? Ummm, sure but i am not entirely clear on what extra effort I have had to put in (other than duck hunting). If you don’t play daily and do all the available content there is then yes, there IS extra effort. But then you are not the target for the rewards program, are you?

  3. Compared to the effort I put in to collecting EHT and using them to summon 3* feeders, the rewards are actually surprisingly generous.

Can it be improved? Sure. I do think that having a challenge quest mission that is absolutely essential for completing PoV is unfortunate. There should be enough leeway that missing out on any one of ALL the main missions does not preclude missing out on PoV completion. Missing out on two of them, yes absolutely. But missing out on the challenge quest one is fatal all by itself.

I didn’t buy the Pass, and I don’t intend to even though I will finish the PoV. It’s just too rich for my blood.


I respect your opinion. But there is no valor addition on summons, for example.

I use myself as an example. I play everyday without exception. I had an active VIP pass in the first 15 (or 20 don’t remember) days of the Valor event (so I had an extra summon every day a f2p player does not have), I did all the standard summons (bronze coins) + daily summons available. I did also 2 additional summons with Atlantis coins (200 coins), 10 additional summons with 3000 gems and 3 additional summons with epic hero coin.

Regardless I am still at summon tier 8 (28/40 summons) so If I started like a completely f2p player I would reasonably still be at tier 7 if not 6.

I agree with your intention (even if it is not my own point of view) focusing around the concept of Valor. Like I said before, however, while I understand is difficult to balance different aspects, I must underline is that some valor challenges are currently more related to accessiblity than actual valor of player (the unreasonable amount of summons is an example).

I will actually save ALL the summons coins (mainly regular one) using only the daily summon until the next Path of Valor in order to be (hopefully) able to reach the summon mission… not only the last two days. Exception can be done with non-standard coins if I need to do a certain type of summon.


Save all your summon tokens until the very end of the next PoV. Then you’ll be able to calculate how many you actually need to use, and save the rest.


I am doing that now thank you for the advice