You won't complete Path of Valor #1 (Probably) Analysis, Complaining, and Suggestion

I like the idea of increasing the points for the daily quests. That would reward daily, active players while allowing free to play players an easier way to gather some points.


It’s a shame when Velour becomes a sensitive subject? I apologize to anyone offended with my misunderstanding of Velour and it’s many uses.


Whew, that’s a relief… I was worried I might not complete the final Raid Tourney challenge tier, so it’s good to find the devs built in a little leeway so that it’s not absolutely necessary. I have a Pet Dragon, so fulfilling the summons requirement isn’t an issue.

No complaints here, then… I’m really enjoying PoV! :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:t4:

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I agree. You get gems initially with the purchase anyway, along with more gems and more items. I got my first Wu Kong (I got 2 actually) from this POV purchase, so those + gems and everything else has already paid for itself for me imo.

Giving partial credit for uncompleted stages would be nice as well. It would help those who can’t do legendary events, or people like me who are often to busy to worry about rare or sometimes even epic.

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Like @zephyr1 suggest in this one?


Got my vote! Thanks for pointing this out!


This would also work in addition to Zephyr1 idea


I dont agree with this at all. Your wallet cant beat titans, wont garuntee you an event finish, cant war for you. You cant buy your way through path of valor which ig you out it the way you do seems like people are angry cause omg THEY HAVE TO PLAY THE GAME TO GET SOMETHING who does that!!!

Wanting the math of PoV relaxed is not about wanting something handed to you, or whatever other horsefarce people are displacing onto this.

It’s 50 days long and you cannot miss ONE SINGLE DAY of dailies if you fail to get the maximum summon reward (which has absolutely nothing to do with “playing hard every day like a real man”). Nothing else in the game is that punishing. That’s what I’m talking about.

I log in every day, I use my flags like a good soldier, and I will buy PoV and max it out until my wife murders me in my sleep. But I think the strict math of PoV is a mistake, both financially and for the player experience.


If you have a reeally thick wallet and drop it from high above on to a titans head, then it’s as good as dead. I have heard it from the wise, that a thick wallet is like cryptonite to these titans.

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ian487, I very much doubt you will need items from Hunter’s Lodge or Alchemy Lab, but even so. … as stated before, the Path of Valour is not for newbies, they just have to wait a bit and, if they are active players, come closer every time a bit more. Meanwhile, even if you get only half there, will have got a lot of useful items including gems and epic hero tokens etc. Plus, everything was clearly displayed , so no one was treated unfairly.

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but there are points that depend on the alliance, like Tita. so many go hunting when the Titan flees

Pleased pig, you don’t have to do all dailies. As for the summoning one, that’s more like a freebie. I have so many tokens raining down on me, I can’t imagine that that’s so different for you.

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Based on what? Your guess is as good as mine on this matter. We already needed a tornado, high end forge item, so why not HL and AL high end items?

Not sure what’s that supposed to mean. Anyway, if it’s related to the inability to provide Hunter’s Lodge and Alchemy lab high end items, I bet there are lots of long time players in this situation. After two years of game play I don’t have an Alchemy lab, neither do I want one, while my Hunter’s Lodge is only at level 5, so it’s not a newbie thing.

I never said it was unfair. If daily quests requesting high end items from the said buildings will show-up, it will most likely leave no safety margin and make the last tier of all challenges completion mandatory for a large number of players that might otherwise avoided that. It’s the way it is, fairness has nothing to do with it.

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This is all just speculation. Just wait what happens and enjoy the ride. As I said before, if you don’t get through to the end, you still have accumulated goodies. Maybe next time you get it, maybe not.

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Personally I’m not worried about not making it. It’s just that I’d much rather complete it with only 225 summons and keep the grey tokens for the next run. It’s kind of difficult for a f2p to summon so many times without prior preparations. This time I had over 100 greys when PoV started. I’d like to get as close as possible for the next run and the issue in question might ruin that for me by forcing me to go for 275 summons.

Our flag wasn’t enough to collect 300 valhalla coins without flask/level up before summon portal closed, but now SG decide to add more pain by telling us to waste at least 24 flags on this???

Should have timed it better!!!


Ian487, you worry too much. The future is what it is…

One quick question, I forgot to use 2 flags in the last alliance war, does this mean I wont be able to finish the attack in war challenge? I am now at tier 4 with 4/24. Thanks for your help!

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