You won't complete Path of Valor #1 (Probably) Analysis, Complaining, and Suggestion

I agree and pulling heroes isn’t challenging at all. To achieve that ridiculous amount of summons (I already finished this mission completely) is just another lucky enough or not thing, if you won’t buy pulls.


You are right it is possible, but how realistic it is to end the path without spending juwels etc. I do my best to reach the end without using Juwels or money and I play the game every day. But I still have my doubts, that I reach the end. The titans and summoning are my problem. If you defeat a Titan the next one is stronger so that my Alliance is not able to kill enough titans to finish this challenge and 3.5 summons per day are a lot.

But let us talk about the result at the end of the period. Today I am at level 32.

Cheers Reder

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I put titan log in the featured message like this:

During the PoV we have killed x out of y titans (z%). To complete the mission we need to kill 35 out of 52 killed (67%) during 50 days. We are ahead of the rate.


If you come up with something, let me know. Our alliance members aren’t mercing, but definitely will have to have help with the 6* requirements when we get there. We WERE on track. :joy:


Definitely won’t complete it.

The POV challenge is meant to reward those people who play the most and are the most developed the most.

Should I be able to complete it, with a virtually empty bench of 3* heroes, having been in the game for just over a year and not going after every HOTM that comes alongside? Hardly. That would make a mockery of those that have been there and done that.

Will I work at it and take what I can get? Push to support the rest of my alliance as they try to maximize their rewards from the event? Definitely. Cause that is how you build in this game. Patience, perseverance and planning.


Adding a link to this, for anyone interested: Refine "Complete a Challenge Event" Valor Challenge to Provide Flexibility in Completing Path of Valor


I know for a fact that I won’t. I rarely raid, my alliance doesn’t war any more, I don’t do raid tournaments, my teams aren’t strong enough to complete legendary tier in challenge events, I don’t have enough crafting materials or battle items to just throw them away for the sake of completing stupid valor dailies, don’t have enough world energy to waste on both unnecessary quests and Atlantis missions (outside of AR) while also completing my monster chests, etc. etc.

But that doesn’t really matter. Because the F2P rewards for the “event” are near worthless anyway. And while the “premium” benefits are definitely a lot better than the free ones… still a whole lot of work just for a few extra summons.

And no, I’m not really complaining about the feature itself. I guess it’s probably fun for the super active completionists, and anyone who puts that kind of work into the game deserves to get something in return. It’s just not a feature that interests me.


Not everyone has the $$$ to buy everything. Congrats if u do, but your comment sounds a bit like Marie Antoinette saying “Let them eat cake”. Those of us who are F2P & C2P would prefer to see a better ROI on our time, instead of constant nerfing & increased purchase offers.
(& Marie came to a sticky end. :princess:)


May I ask a question here please? This question is directed mostly at c2p players and those F2p players who are thinking of future purchases of this or other PoV pass and/or those that think it’s not worth spending unless they get to the end.

If I remember correctly some of the specials that where offered during the event where, I could wrong on trying to remember so e of these but I will be as close as possible and also dollars are in AU,

  1. 5 x 1.49 for 200 gems
  2. 300 gems and an ascension item for 24 bucks
  3. Choose your one ascersion item plus 3000 gems plus other stuff for 48 bucks…

Now this PoV is worth 14.99 Au and it offers including the free offers

  1. 550 gems
  2. 2x 4* ascension items
  3. 2x 3* ascension items
  4. 300 Atlantis coins
  5. 110 emblems
  6. 10 challenge coins
  7. 12 Hunter Lodge battle items
  8. 1,950 million food and iron
  9. ETT, EHT and silver tokens
  10. Avatars, some of you pay big bucks for those.

And a few other items like W.E and Raid flasks, crafting items, trainers and more, all for 14.99 and although I am guess g here but if we calculated the total cost of all of this I doubt I wouldn’t far from being correct in saying at a minimum at least 150 bucks and I think I am being very generous in saying that.

OMG this is the most single value for ones buck on offer there is weather you finish it or not and even a C2p player who doesn’t finish this PoV will at least get to level 34 and beyond and collect the 3* mats and all for doing nothing more than they normally do daily anyway which even that is well worth the 15 bucks.

One of my most best likes is the fact that the collected food/iron goes into your inventory thus it can be used at a later date, bloody fantastic in my opinion, wish we could store our current food and iron into our inventories when there filled up.

Why can’t players see what there actually is in front of them I stead of looking for what ISN’T THERE.


Oh yeah, I did the math, PoV is definitely a good deal for the money if you complete a decent portion of it. Not denying that at all.

Honestly though, I already pre-purchased a second annual VIP membership months before PoV came out, and I’m a bit miffed that VIP members don’t get anywhere near the value as PoV (even though VIP itself is still a better deal than most of the regular gem purchases).

I mean, if you’re really active in the game and able to complete most of the valor challenges, and don’t mind spending $10, I’d say go for it, because you will absolutely get a lot more bang for your buck from that than you will from buying something dumb like a pack of trainer heroes or battle items (LOL). Just… since I’m not as active in the game as I used to be, and I’ve already reached the personal spending threshold I set for myself, I won’t be purchasing it.

And on a side note… while PoV would be a good deal for an active established player, it might not be such a great deal for a newer player, as many of the challenges will be difficult for them to complete at lower levels. In the case of newer players, VIP is still a better deal.


I think you provide a lot of valuable points. PoV is worth for alot of people even if it happened that you would not be able to finish it fully.

I believe that I personally will be able to finish to 50 on PoV, and I also had saved about 160 silver tokens prior to PoV, so that was one of the easier “challenges” for me. This might sound as foreign logic, considering that I had no problem finish the summon quest early on. So here is my thoughts on why PoV might be in need for some changes.

The summon quest has nothing to do with you playing the actual game, the quest literally is only encouraging you into tapping that summon button, inorder for you to have a better chance to get the points you might need. I dont judge that “quest” based on how easy or hard it is to finish, that is beside my point. I can recognize a good in game deal as well and have no problem with money being involved in a game like this. Some of these quests borders to break the camels back, and that is where the core issue lies. If you would fall short with only ten summons left to finish the PoV quest as a f2p, then even a f2p would think twice about that actually being a great deal to buy some gems and make that last ten pulls with gems inorder to get those rings.

That might sound like the happy Hollywood ending as it stil is a good in game deal. But you might want to consider if the those ten last pulls that the quest might require, was just bad luck for a f2p to reach, or that it was the developed game design from the very start. I can’t help but suspect the later, since there even is a summon quest in the first place. And that quest in particular dont line up with the other quests at all, since those actually have to do with playing the game. Time will tell if a f2p will fall short on that one or not, but the quest itself stil has nothing to do with gameplay either way.

I dont want to beat a dead horse here, or force anyone to see any value in what I try to point out. This is just the way I see this, and I must admit that Im a bit puzzled when people respond to something like this as just pure whining, especially considering that all this discussion/opinions are taking place in a suggest/complain tread where it belongs.

I want to end this by saying thank you for asking the question in the first place. That to me atleast, is a way better stance to take, inorder to create any meaningful forum interaction, instead of pointing fingers to who is to blame for their felt opinion.

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The 300 heroes quest is the last one in that series. You’ve finished one of six! (It’s confusing because it’s the only one that is easy to finish early.)

La tarea de derrotar héroes termina en la cuarta etapa (300 héroes) — no hay más etapas. Es decir, usted ha cumplido uno de los seis abajo. (Se puede confundar fácilmente, dado que es la única tarea que la mayoría puede cumplir mucho antes del tiempo.)

My opinion about this POV : Interesting Challenge : win 3 times strike , use war flag and get poin in POV
Need some improvement :1. kill 5* titan above ( it hard for new alliance to achieve). 2.Finished challenge event that some maybe can’t make it to last stage and there already good solution from our lovely moderator to be a good input for this. 3. Summoning heroes is not challenging at all, it can be replace by other challenge that requires activity to gain the score
Suggestions for next challenge : 1. The Thanos challenges here is so interesting and keep me not auto play when forum make that event, so hope it can be challenge as well in POV like collect some ammout of dragon or diamond.
2. Finish stage example 8:7 in x duration so we can try to finish it faster to gain score in POV. 3. Make X amount of combo lets say from 5 to 10 combo. Something fun and challenging idea can be suggest , hope SG can make more interesting for POV in future.

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THIS! Thank you. I know I tend to moan and groan, so I am thankful for this reminder to just be thankful. Blessings.

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I could not read all the posts going forth and back between the main posters in here, but I actually agree partly with BOTH stances.

I will make 2 years of playing next month and belong to a top 150 alliance, so titans and wars tiers do not mean any extra effort at all, those are basically free points, along with the daily challenges, wich pretty much fall in the category of regular grinding (including the ducks, I used to hunt them when I started playing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Same thing for the Event Challenge, I always finish the three tiers simply because of the completing rewards, they are a great source for emblems, flasks and regtular AM, and if you have a decent 3* roster the rare level can be auto played up to the 13-14 phase (if you do not care for a top position).

Up to here, POV is just extra rewards for the work I already do daily (thanks for the 200 Atlantis coins!!!)

So the only extra thing for me (and I think pretty much all middle and up level players) is regular raids (I usually open a chest every 1,5 days average), tournament battles (I used to not spend any gems for continuing and hardly make it it day 3, I’m just that bad) and the summons (I’m now at tier 15/45 of tier 9, so it’s going to be a little tight in the end).

Bu I do agree POV needs a litte improvement, and I would suggest the following:

  • Increase the AVAILABLE POINTS, not all rosters are the same, and not all of us have the same resources, make it so every player can compensate their shortness in one aspect by excelling in other and still completing the path (you can condition this to finish at least 1/2 tiers of every challenge in order to get the final reward).

  • Give rewards in every mark for the free version too; for new players it will be welcome, and an incentive to improve and make it better next POV.

  • Final 4* material: let the players CHOOSE what AM they will get, at least in the paid version.

So it IS achievable, it can be improved, but it is also a good thing IMO.

If I’m with my wife in ER I won’t give a **** about a telescope for Magni.


I do not like what the titan challenge has done to the game. Titan farming is really disrupting the recruiting channels.


The titans chalange is nothing compared to 225 summons. That’s what I’m really afraid. In 50 days… Not always on cheasts we gain coins. We need to buy sumuns and vip pass alongside with other offers. It’s demandatory to make so much summuns in only 50 days.

Why? Couldn’t you let people make decisions based on feelings of not being able to complete things? I was thinking that maybe enough people would not buy PoV that SG would go and add a little extra next PoV

Then maybe you guys should find a new alliance. Ours is looking for more members :slight_smile:

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I’m loving it!!! it’s like The Purge for mercenaries…!!!

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