You will get raided more if you upgrade your watch tower?


Is it true that if you upgrade your watch tower you will be raided more and more ?


You will be a better target because your watch tower will carry more resourcess.

But it doesn’t effect the percentage of rolling you in arena by opponents.


@Rogerio - @Jedon is ‘on point’ (ha ha - inside joke). Yeah, some people actually pick their raid opponents based on resources than anything else others focused on the opponent or trophies. However, on the flip side, your would be generating more resources - just pick them up before logging off. Actually when you get your watch tower all the way up (or specifically comparing to like levels of your farms/mines) - it produces more than your individual farms and mines. I originally waited to upgrade my Tower specifically because I thought I would get attacked more. Because I was misinformed by listening to my own assumption - I slowed my progress…

Here is what you get to look forward to:

LVL 20 Farm 116K storage capacity | 5,300/hr production
LVL 20 Mine 64,800 storage capacity | 3,617/hr production

LVL 20 Tower 184K food storage capacity | 14,321/hr production
86,400 iron storage capacity | 7,414/hr production

So about 40% more food and 30% more iron storage with your Tower! The production per hour is much more significant if you play regularly you will get most of it during the day (70% and 50%) - kinda gets offset however because of the raids while your offline. But its a significant resource for expediting your game progress!


I don’t know, when I’m filling chest, which is the only time I’m raiding, I’m not looking at resources I’m looking to kill as many heros to fill chest. I’m also trying not to drop cups. So I imagine a lot of players are re rolling looking for teams to beat and not the resources.


I typically look at the cups, but when I need resources I start looking for prime resource targets.

I’m guessing the majority of raids are based on cups, but there are those that do go after resources.


When I began, I raided solely for resources. The vip builder required iron. With a higher level watch tower and raid booty, my base built faster.

Then they changed raiding.

Then, again, they changed raiding.

I believe that now building your watchtower gives far more than raiders will take. Anecdotally, I believe the old metric of losing half your WT resources no longer is true. If I am right, raiding and winning vs being raided and losing will be a plus for you which added to the WT production should encourage you to build it higher.


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