You show me yours




@LucasDaoc Dang Lucas - that is Sick man! Sick!!! :sunglasses:


@AirHawk that is simply a great feeling to get up there! Excellent! You got a few up on me, mine was some time ago though… before they started breaking into and over the 3K regularly


Ok - taking the Bots advice and putting remaining comments into a single thread! Good Idea Bot!

@havok333 - Dang! Yeah well not many can say they have been #1 once and you 2X it! Out of 3MM plus players that’s not 1 in a Million, it’s 1 in 3 Million x2. :sunglasses:

@Branwen Sweet! Yeah it doesn’t last long in the Top does it! You made it - Wow, see comments to @havok333 - your a 1 in 3 Million kinda Player!

@FrenziedEye not bad given your stashing your cash $ somewhere else (you can IM me the Province/Level hiding place) :sunglasses: ha ha - really not bad!


@Jedon - you get special mention! BTW good raid win streak Bro.

@LucasDaoc - Dang man - insane Raid Win Streak (mentioned prior) and Just gazed across your stats again… Titan Damage 90K+, awesome!


Congrats to you ALL!!! - RaZoR

<walking away with head down, man i gotta go kick a can or something…>


@2Spookd - I almost left before I got to the double whammy player +100K TITAN + #1 LEADERBOARD!!! SWEET. <ok, back to my can kicking…>


@Manule - Excellent on Highest Trophies, #20 Leaderboard - cool, 140K TITAN DAMAGE!!! ??? FRELLING WICKED Damage!


I love this kind of stuff!


Well ok I’ll bite… I think it’s good to celebrate accomplishments…:metal:



at 6 months waiting on some ascension items but looking to be in good shape soon


So an update feom my last one:

Whilst raiding I noticed this:


I never imagined this thread doing so well! Thank you everybody who shared, keep up the amazing work and don’t be afraid to post updates if you break one (or all!) Of your records :smile:


@Devilution - Thanks for stepping out and putting this together - I enjoyed It! I recall we connected the day you did it and I had tried it with Titans specifically and fell on my face lol. I would still like to Titan Scores (not just high scores but Total Damage 1 person or a couple different people did on a team - screen shot)… Not going to happen though ha ha. Take care!


Sad. Got no3 and getting a bad board. No higher than no3. :sweat:


Didn’t know where else to post my new high trophy achievement:


I thought I’d already replied to this, but i guess not. I’ve done a lot of improvement.

Btw, congrats on the leaderboards @MrsBCW!


Thank you! You’re doing really well :sunglasses:


My best so far, local top 5, with no 5* hero!


And…not too long after that another personal best!