You Only Live Twice - Recruiting new members

Hey everyone,

Our alliance has recently started fresh due to inactivity with the leader and several elders. We’re looking to have a full alliance of 30 who are active on a regular basis. By this I mean participating in the Titan battles and the Alliance Wars.

We have a large range of experience within the alliance and pride ourselves on welcoming one and all. If you’re looking for a challenge then we’re trying to climb up the ranks, we’re consistently battling Titans at level 6 and looking to bump up as much as possible and so far are undefeated in Alliance Wars. Only had about 4/5 wars but we consistently won in our previous alliance.

We have a great group of people already who are very friendly and happy to answer questions for newer players.

If this interests you, the alliance will always be open. We only kick people who are inactive without warning. So long as you let us know you’re on holiday for a week or however long then your spot will be safe.

Simply search “You Only Live Twice” and join now! :slight_smile:

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