"You lost connection..." Issue started after the 'fix'!

Ever since you at SG have been so kind to send us some compensation because of connection issues, issues have only just begun, not ended!

Since a week or so, when ever I play a raid, attack a titan, attack in the AW or do quests… at some point a message pops up that connection with the server has been lost. All I can do at that point is restart the game. By doing so, I loose also the energy, items and cups… at any point a loser. This is very demotivating to play and in Alliance War it is also a loss for my Alliance.

Technical details:

  • Device: Android 7.0 on a Wileyfox
  • Version: 18.1.0 Build 889

Support in-game doesn’t work either, that’s why I had to write it here.

That sounds super frustrating. It is actually possible to access support without going through the game. If you use this link, it will let you submit a ticket:


Please don’t post your player ID in the forum, because it is possible for unscrupulous people to exploit that information.

Good luck with support. I hope they can help.

@Rook, @Kerridoc, @Coppersky, if you have a chance, probably best to scrub the player ID.

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