You know you've been playing Empires too much when


When the internet connection is not working and you make up the excuse to go get gas to go into town and see if it works there. [today]


…When this thread goes MIA
…When you recognize heroes, even though you don’t have them, because others praise/complain about them all the time
…When @Rook doesn’t notice that her impersonation of a cat may lead to trademark/copyright infringement litigation


…when you have a back story for every townie that waves at you
…you speak more to your alliance mates than to your co-workers :grin:


…you wonder how Doctor Who would deal with the Titans. I mean after the Weeping Angels, these titans are like playing with kittens.


…You wonder how Benny Hill would deal with all of this


…you have a selection of gaming music just for playing E&P


Down with the Sickness by Disturbed would be great in the background for final titan hit.


…you read through all the comments and can agree with quite a few, or half, or most, or all. And then just laugh at yourself because you think to yourself you are just as nuts as the rest.


…you identify with ALL comments…but tell yourself that others’ addiction to the game is far worse… :grin:


This! Lol lol lollol lol lol!!!


…you are fluent enough with translate apps to be able to communicate with people in other languages from your own.


If this ever happened to me I would jump into AR and PS chat and post a ‘if you’re on the number 11 bus headed to the station… nice jacket you have on today…’ message - you know, slightly less creepy :joy:



You have created a budget item call E&P. Others are stuff like food, rent, gas, entertainment, etc. Then you realize E&P is not under the entertainment category… and you are totally ok with that.



…When you have the “Random Number Generator (RNG)” wiki page bookmarked and refer to it regularly…

You know you’re on too much E&P Line groups etc when:

…When you have collected all of OwlSpirit’s event maps… :grin:

…When you’re a regular on Anchor’s livestream…

…When you recruit on Line just as much as AR…


…When you actually read @Dante2377 posts and realize he’s not trying to put you in the Inferno


you know you’ve been playing Empires too much when…

me: sees Recruits II has spawned
me: quickly checks the forum for an information if it has epic troop token
Forum: there isn’t any epic troop token
me: yeah ByEEEEEE recruits II goes to farm the map


… your kids argue about who gets to use the next summon token
…you hope the baby needs changing at 2am so you can start your next building upgrade


… you put the names of heroes, and also your Alliance team mates into your phone’s autocorrect/Swype dictionary

… you think you’ll be victorious crashing into that green car, because your car is red

… you think it’s really very odd your pastor or minister’s clothes aren’t yellow

… you chalk it up to the RNG if you didn’t get a raise this year at work


… you can’t go to sleep yet, because there is still world energy left

… you grind 13-6 as soon as you wake up, before showering or brushing your teeth or anything else because… must open the hero chest so I can open another one tonight


My pastor wears PURPLE!!! :fearful::fearful::fearful::fearful::fearful: