You know you've been playing Empires too much when


haha, its more about filling my raid chest then trophies at this point :slight_smile:


I thought you were like Chuck Norris; Chuck Norris’s raid chests fill themselves.


We need a Chuck Norris Hero. Wouldn’t lose any raids with him.
Unless you pull a Bruce Lee Hero that is…


Wouldnt work, you cant raid with Chuck Norris.

Chuck Norris raids with you.


You spend your free time trying to think of “Chuck Norris” things and you come up with nothing related to E&P. Rather than give up, you think that you just need to think harder about the topic… hmmmnnn.

Unrelated to E&P. My favorite Chuck Norris is “Chuck does not sleep… he waits”


…after 105 answers you’re still reading posts about how you know when your playing too much!
…reading everything from ticked significant others, dreams of raiding the top, losing sleep for long periods of time, bar hopping with your favorite heroes, work buddy heroes, titan nightmares, and even Texas Rangers, you insanely still want to check your base one last time to see if anything changes or if…hang on gotta go see if my TC 20 popped!


You see a person playing E&P on a bus but you don’t want to be a creep so you don’t say anything, just stand there staring at the poor person which makes you look even more like a creep :persevere:


… when you sing ‘I like my hero Delilah’ under the shower on the ‘If you like pina colada’ tune. :pineapple: :musical_note:

… when an alliance member has one attack left in the war that will make the team win or lose with 10 min left on the timer and you watch it like a World Cup finale decided by penalties

… when you ‘go to the bathroom’ at work to spend some alone time with the titan

… when your alliance member talks about ‘that hero who has a face like a German pornking’ and you totally know who he is talking about


…when you can’t stop wondering which hero has a face like that…Tiburtus?


Correct! :smile: :smiley:


… when you actually find yourself wondering if @Konijntje got her bunny hero or not


I got 2!!! First I got Wabbit with a token (will be nice for beginner events)
And then, very fitting with the token I got from finishing the spring event, I actually got Lepus! :slight_smile:


… when you are genuinly happy @Konijntje actually got the heroes to fit her name! :joy:


and my phone alarm just happens to be Scarlet Johannson “Set It All Free” from the Sing soundtrack! Talk about setting it all free!


Have bills to pay but buy gems instead… Lol


ain’t that the truth. Save money on other things to buy the Easter offers too…


When you pay someone to do your farming.




…when you petition SG for buttons to make the game go faster…

…when you trawl Line and Discord threads for hints of the latest Beta intel…

…when you collect screenshots of the next HOTM from said threads…

…when you rename your alliance regularly to stay “fresh” and unique…

…when you create an E&P persona (complete with game avatar), and interact as this person outside of the game!


When you sit in your car in front of your house, for hours and play like crazy, bc you want to reach the next level as fast as possible. And you don’t even recognize that it’s getting dark.

When you try to create a deathstrike by pure imagination, to “silence” your annoying neighbor

When you tell your husband, that you are getting divorced the day, you meet a guy named Alberich bc you will marry him instead