You know you've been playing Empires too much when


…when you find yourself wondering how much ham it’s going to cost if you swipe left on Tinder.



…you think boots, capes and gloves makes you stronger.


  • when checking E&P is the first thing you do when you wake up

  • when you set an alarm to attack a war enemy that regenerates in x time

  • when you spend an entire work day downloading emulators, trying to get your iOS account to open on Android platform so you can farm at work more efficiently from your desktop, and sitting through the tutorial more than twice during the attempts (anyone know, btw? I’ve tried logging into Facebook, logging out of Google Play, making a new Google Play account and signing into Facebook)

  • when you consider getting switching from iPhone to android because you want to play at work from an emulator or farm via phone using split screen

  • when you establish weird rituals for opening TC20 - repeating “5 star, 5 star, 5 star” seems to work for me :rofl:

  • when you use up all your energies carefully before leveling to ensure you don’t waste any flags

  • when you make corny jokes with your alliance about “having a little faith” - friar tuck, when people are voicing negativities about war

  • when you screenshot victories against high ranking alliance players because they are celebrities to you

  • when you wake up your SO who plays so they do not miss out on the titan or war attacks, or to tag team a war enemy



I’m gonna try your item #5 from now on, just in the off chance it works here too! :smile:

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Good luck!! I wish I kept track of my rate, but the ritual seems to be working pretty good so far: Vivica, Richard, Leonidas, Joon, Marjana, Khagan. It’s crazy, the power of positivity!



…you think the Valentine Day 300 Gem pack is better than any other gift in the world. :ring:



Yes its the best gift you can get. Your clan gets gems too. Its a win win for everyone. Thanks heaps Empires & puzzles. Best game ever.

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…You are basing your life schedule around the game.
…You posted E&P videos on YouTube.



Now I want to start a thread … what rituals do you perform :rofl:

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Thinking very hard of the Hero I want most… Only to swear when I got another Renfeld. :joy:



I’m a “cup half-empty” type so I do the opposite … I’m going to get a 3 star, I know it’ll be a 3 star … oh, look - I got a 4 star!



I have no idea why but whenever I open a chest, the stronghold has to be in full view. If I open it on the map page or anywhere else I will surely get bad loot. I’m actually going crazy! :crazy_face:

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Both my husband and I are the same way. We have to be on the base before we open anything???

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Wow this thread became pretty epic. LOL

…When you curse over your 4100 strength army losing a raid to a 3500 team, only to…




when you know PRECISELY how long to sit on the toilet playing before your LEFT foot falls asleep

(It’s 3 titan attacks and 3 raids)



I would add an addendum…

When you get a hidden blade or warm coat from a Titan drop and are disappointed



When you drive down the highway planning how to get those three red cars to line up to hit that green truck



… read or even answer this. :wink:

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Aww! May you be happier with your ascension materials! :blush:

…when the game temporarily closes, and you can’t think of anything better to do! :wink:



God, I hope not…
First, I hope you aren’t driving and E&Ping
Second, it is kind of hard and sometimes infrequent to see 3 red cars on the road (that weren’t part of the Christmas sales on TV)….
Third, if you are seeing 3 red cars heads toward some green truck, that means either side of them might be travelling against the traffic, and you best move the heck out of the way.