You know you've been playing Empires too much when


But what if I’m out of tickets ? :persevere:


Hmm. Add it to the best man’s task list to auto-farm for you?


You mean, a clickfarm ? I thought these are illegal !


If your only friends are clickfarms… :sob:


…when you don’t grow up your children rather than maxing them.
…when you want your children to charge their specials faster.
…when you prefer to spend your time with Hel instead of your girl-friend.
…when you have to charge your cell more than 30 times a day.
…when you write sth in the complaints thread :wink:


THIS. Oh my God, why are batteries so short in our current modern world ?


If you improve that drastically, you’ll get rich over night :sunglasses:


Too bad my eyes can’t keep up at 2 AM… :sleeping:


I guess you haven’t been playing Empires too much, in @Olmor 's books then.


Yeah… I’m still far from the level cap before the Class perks.


When you have 3 extra batteries for your phone & a charger for them.


…you name your dock ‘Ramming Pulverizer’. :eggplant:

Am I allowed to say that on this forum ?
EDIT: Apparently not.
NEW EDIT: Oh wait, I can now!


…you can answer to the Eternal ‘is Skittles a girl or a boy’ question.


You know you’ve been playing Empires too much when you communicate with your family through an alliance chat.


…You are naming your cat Azlar or Zimkitha, depending on the gender.


Me,too and even grab my husbands phone to use the titan energy-lol :joy::joy::joy:


… when whenever some problem with the game appears and forum is flooded with “we want compensation” posts and you’re just sitting there like



…when you try to type in “Kageburado” on your phone, and autocorrect changes it to “Kerridoc.” I’m not saying the phone is wrong, necessarily. We don’t really know who’s under that mask. But still…


…when you get a generous chest, and you’re far more excited about the orichalcum nugget than the ascension material(s). :grin:


When u get rings and darts from opening chest, and then u wake up from ur dreams