You know you've been playing Empires too much when


One of favorites skittleskull & needler… :dart:


That is totally me!!! :tongue:


Kadilen and Elkanen
Kashreck and ishtak.
Big part of the cast from lord of the rings lol
Can you guess who ???
Sartana is Grims big sister and Sumitomos cousin !! :wink:


Forgot carver !!! Lol


Lol, right, ugh 20 characters


When the characters look like real life people, examples are Sharan (red) as Mila Kunis,
Sartana (purple) as Angelina Jolie’.


When you hammer your villagers to see if they can stand more taps than a flying dragon.

They can… I wonder why these lazy bastards with superhuman powers wait for Richard and co. to defeat the dark lord and they don’t do the dirty job themselves…


When you don’t eat lunch with your co-workers, but instead lock yourself in a bathroom stall to use upall your World, Titan and Raid energy.


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…when you see the numbers 60, 70, or 80 in a real life context and immediately prepare to evaluate ascension mat usage before remembering that speed limits, birthdays, and bus routes don’t require mats.


You often call your spouse by their game nickname … and they don’t correct you :grin:



(20 charact… I mean, 20 Ulmers)


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Keep it within the bounds of Forum Rules please. :slight_smile:


you don’t know what you got out of the titan box because you opened it, and rolled over and went back to sleep.


…you play this instead of working for your exams.


You auto farm 7-4* while waiting for your future wife to walk down the aisle…

*(not 8-7 because that takes a bit longer and you want to minimise the time guests see you playing with your phone since you are standing at the front… )


Well that’s just ridiculous.

Clearly you should be using loot tickets for that while standing at the front.


They are being saved for the honeymoon…


…you check the forum while on the treadmill.

whistles innocently