You know you've been playing Empires too much when


When you run to buy a new charger during your lunch break at work… because you forgot yours at home…


When you carry spare powerbanks and chargers everywhere ‘just in case’.


…when you have 5 little rectangular boxes burned at the bottom into the glass of your phone.


When you sit quietly watching an anime and see this …


:laughing: Looks like you eventually went as directed. Don’t let the missus take confiscate your E&P privileges. So you mean to tell me, you will willing go to that overseas honeymoon if the Farholm has Tome instead? :wink:


Yes dear.

20 damascus blades


You name your kids after the heroes.


If their names are Richard and Elena, maybe not so much. Tarlak and Zeline? Yeah, that’s hard-core. You’ll have some explaining to do in 20 years.


I was thinking more like Damascus or FineGloves for my future son’s name


What about Boldtusk or Gravemaker?


Just don’t name the kid Renfeld.


I call my 9 year old Buddy. :thinking:


You obsessively collect gloves in real life because of how rare they are in the game.


Been there done that!!!


When you stay awake and online to not get raided in your sleep although you have hardly no energy and literally nothing to do but look at your hero’s lol


When your theories regarding the connections between drop rates of 4* ascension materials are only slightly less complicated than the plans for the invasion of Normandy.



Your patience, courtsey & expertise in offering a truthful rational explaination deserves a :trophy:


Thanks! I’m glad you appreciate them. But some of my posts probably make Kerridoc sigh pretty hard.


Never once. You save me time by writing what I was thinking…


When you look forward to your TC20 reveals more than sexy time with the missus. Uhh, please don’t, @FrenziedEye. Don’t need to see you in the support group.