You know you've been playing Empires too much when


When you go to sleep before you look at the Top 100.


When you kicking inactive players like:



Yes yes yes


You know you’ve been playing too much E&P when…

You keep checking every now and then on this guy to see if he is still there and didn’t fall off the stone bridge into the abyss of the valley or jumped off, out of loneliness and boredom, and committed… a suicide.

Hang on there … body! :worried:

Empires & Puzzles S2: The 101 Atlantis Pulls + the 9 Bonus Ascension Chest Loots!

…When you check your phone’s battery setting to confirm in the last 24 hours you spent:

  • 26% on the game
  • 25% on Line chat for the game
  • 15% on the Forum

Unsatisfied with those numbers, you check the last 7 days to discover you also spent:

  • 32% on Line chat
  • 20% on the Forum
  • 18% on the game

Either way, you spent more than 65% of your phone time in some way on E&P! :flushed: :flushed: :flushed: :grin:


When you get this card


When you are autofarming 8-7 while making a sandwich, and quickly stop and pause it before the AI uses an AoE attack on 1 nearly dead mob.

Finish him off with tiles, and resume autoplay, and before getting back to the sandwich, you end up having to restart the level on autoplay.

And none of this seems like an issue as you just can’t believe how inefficient the AI can be…nvm the inefficiency of making the sandwich :stuck_out_tongue:


You know you’ve been playing too much E&P when…

You start raiding and select your opponents based on how amazing the graphic effects of their heroes special skills are so to screenshot the effects while it is happening.


I thought its new thread … sorry TEN


Azure, I’m with you on this. Great minds think alike.


When… you’ve run out of genuine E&P conspiracies, so you write your own:

The Olympian Conspiracy


… your mortgage used to be your highest financial expense every month, and now its gems.


Pro tip: you can increase the playback speed of YouTube videos (not live ones of course). Click the 3 dots in the top right corner while the video is playing. I love anchors videos. Love them, but they are better when played at 1.5 x speed.


…you walk around the city with auto-farm turned on, checking every 5 minutes to replay level.


Is there another way to do it?


…when you look at people you know IRL and wonder what element they would be.

… when you get a very important call while in the middle of fighting war/titan/raid/expensive quest and you debate whether to answer it.

…when you dream that you are in the E&P universe.


When you have an alt and start thinking of it as another person


Nice tip! I always forget about this and it’s a great tool. Thanks for the reminder.


When you get into a debate with your alt in alliance chat


When I dream almost every night which hero will be upgraded & how to set them up in my main team! :thinking: