You know you've been playing Empires too much when


When hubby is trying to get your attention and you say: “wait, I’m at war!”


When $4.99 per month seems like such a steal


When you realise Leonidas has armpit hair in his avatar, but is clean shaven in his full frame picture :thinking:

If you are nodding right now, you’ve been playing too much. If the first thing you do is check if this is true… you’ve been playing too much :joy: — can’t go wrong


@JonahTheBard, Huzzah for you and your daughter!


When your spouse begins all conversations with “Are you doing something timed?” (Yes, mine does…)


…when it’s your birthday and everyone will congratulate you now (hopefully)! @Kerridoc happy birthday! :slight_smile:


Happy Birthday @Kerridoc!


Merry Cake Day @Kerridoc


sings Hippo, Birdy, two Ewes
Hippo, Birdy, two Ewes
Hippo, Birdy, two Ewes

Enjoy your cake! :smile:


When you wonder why your battery has been dying so quickly lately so you check the battery section in settings and…

Its hit number one by over 20%


When you start to tap and kill the birds around your Empire while your energie is charging… and when you dream that you get and wins Athena in the gate summon!


Lots of us have shot the birds…but dreaming of Athena makes you special :joy::joy::joy:


Gotta ask, what did you do when you wake up? I would of cried internally or try to make me fall back asleep into the same dream :joy: :rofl:


When i wake up was a scary and i thinked: i have to give a time! Lol


When you start writing your name on an insurance comparison website and it autofills as ‘Joon’…


ahahaha it hasn’t happened for real, has it?


When you’re pulling 5* heroes but you’re disappointed because it’s not the 5* hero you want


When you ask your partner to hand you a “blade” when you need a knife. (Yes, I did this yesterday…)


…when you lay down on the bedroom floor of the person’s house you’re cleaning to finish off a titan/level up your training camp/collect ham…and hope your client who works from home doesn’t trip over you if she walks to her bathroom.


Jejejejejeje jejejejeje I’m peeing