You know you're a Gaming Addict when

I played E&P for a year, then quit for 2 months, now playing again. I guess I’m okay with that…


That last bulletin should say money not time lol


“Large amounts of money spent on new games, expansion packs, micro-transactions, etc.”

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stands in circle of peers Hello, my name is Tamsin, and I’m an addict.


Oh so the list goes on haha. I definitely have several of these symptoms but I dont think I’m an addict… unless I’m still in denial :sob:


:joy:. We actually have a running joke in our alliance. When one of us acts obviously addicted, we say: ‘Hello. My name is (insert name here) and I am an E&P addict’.


I think I’m okay … I only check four items!

Luckily my husband plays too so the time spent discussing the game is quality time spent together. I’m an avowed introvert so I don’t count wanting to spend more time with my game than with other people … I’d rather do pretty much anything else than spend a lot of time with other people.

All joking aside, it’s a serious issue and it scares me to see how easily children can be trapped at such a young age.

I think it’s an important, responsible thread and I, for one, would like to see it pinned. It’s no different than the responsible drinking/gambling posters in bars and casinos, to my mind.