You know the when Charlie Brown tries to kick the football that Lucy is holding?

You believe her when she promises not to pull the football away? And then when shecdoes you feel like after a 30 pull in Tavern of Legends and get 30 feeders, 0 5 stars


I think that continuing to summon from the Legends portal should be called “the Charlie Brown Syndrome”,



So be it!
20 Charlie Browns

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Wish people would quit summoning there outside the free summons. Such a waste…but it’s their money


We’re in the second month of ToL. The horrible odds are well known by now. I feel like if people have nevertheless decided to pay for pulls, they’ve lost their right to complain about their bad results. The only way we are going to get this thing changed is if people stop paying for it.


This feels like my whole life at the moment, lol.

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Kinda feel that way bout every portal ever tbh lol


You know when the forum mentions many times how unlikely it will be to get anything good, and people still pay SG for their bad behavior?

Good times.


ToL month two.

There’s an old saying in Tennessee, I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee about Tavern of Legends that says: fool me once, shame on… shame on you… Fool me, you can’t get fooled again.


Got kirill and graymane using free tokens. At this point, if I ever pull another 5s from any event, I’m going to the local casino and putting 21 bucks in the megabucks and pulling that slot because lady luck will be on my side. I think it’s been maybe 4 or 5 months since the portal gave me a 5s and if I remember correctly, it was a garbage s1 hero.

The odds aren’t the bad thing about it. Putting those crappy S1 heroes in there is the real pain.

Why the f… do they sell the same heroes over and over?


Cos people still spend money when they do, why would they change something that makes them a shed load of dosh

Same here, feeders no 5*, ive done 23 Tavern pulls and its getting annoying. U spend the money u should get thrown a bone is how i feel. My wallet is taking a break, its not just the Tavern either. Really want to get mad but its not worth it.

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Yup… seems about right